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Shreveport CC is a very nice course. There were a lot of leaves, but you are going to find that on any course with oaks this time of year. Greens were much improved since last visit.

They would play this course again.

18 Hole Round | Riding


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This is THE original old money club in Shreveport since somewhere near the turn of the century...however it fell on hard times as the city progressed and growth encroached...This lovely venue was on the verge of being closed for good until a large local church (Evangel Baptist or more specifically it's pastor/founder) stepped in and bought it.

Magnificent venue with most holes straight out in front of you with no tricks or other penal devices as is found on newer courses.  Really no water to speak of except on 3 holes where there is a canal running down the left side of the fairway on 6 (if you hit into it it's your own damn fault it's that far left) which, of course I found off the tee.  

At  5(?) there are 2 canals that cross the fairway at approximately 100 and 200 yards off the tees from the "Blues".  Again these should not be in play for a person that normally plays from the "Blues" as you should be able to hit it far enough to carry.

The toughest hole is 8, a long par 3 with a forced carry over a pond with the green right beyond.

However, DO NOT think this course is a pushover because it is damn hilly and the elevation changes more than make up for the lack of bunkers and water.  You'll be playing longer clubs than typical as you try to reach the greens.  If you reach the greens in regulation then be ready to dance the devil!!  Shortly after being purchased the greens were ripped out and re-built and they are like an ex-wife, always ready to break a poor guy's balls!!!

They are hard and lightning quick and have multitudes of vexatious, subtle breaks that will have you wanting to helicopter your putter after damn near every putt, except for a kick in, if you're lucky enough to get it that close.

This course is a challenge and when I played it on September 1, 2012, I shot a 104.  First time I've shot above 94 in 9 months.  Any other course in Shreveport/Bossier that score would have been between an 86 and 92 with the way I was striking my clubs.  Trust me this course will make a grown man cry!!!

Rates for a weekend are typically $45, including cart, and less on the weekdays.  They also drop the rates a pretty good bit for the twilight and double twilight times.

The only reason this course does not get a 5 star is because it does not have a bar (see 1st paragraph) but they do not balk at you bringing your own cooler and the adult beverages of your choice onto the course.

This is a great venue and I, for one, am glad someone was able to save it!!

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A beautiful course, not one you would expect to see in a "small" town like shreveport.  The greens were fast, the layout extremely challenging, and the price was very reasonable.   BUT the hardest thing for me to wrap my head around was the gas golf karts... Who goes to nice country club and and expects to be blasted with exhaust from the cart infront of you?  Anywho, I digress.   Lets talk beer.   Where was the beer girl?  I think we saw her once, and she had actually run out of water and beer!!!!!  So why the hell am I giving it 4 stars?  That's because when I started "complaining" we were given some of our money back - some free beer, and service like we were kings.  What can I say - I take bribes!

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