Shepherd’s Hollow Golf Club

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Easily one of the best course's in the Detroit area. Every hole looks like it's from out of the golf magazine.  The club house is awsome. So worth the drive from auburn hills. Great place.

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Let me first start by saying the course is incredible. That being said, do not book a teatime on the website. We attempted to do that in order to get the before-9-AM rate which is about $20 cheaper than the after 9 AM rate, but the website malfunctioned. By the time we called in the morning they had no two times before 9 AM. So we set a 9:12 AM tee time, arrived, and explained the predicament. The pro shop folks and the manager were completely uninterested in trying to help us out. Very disappointing.

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This is one of the first places I had the price late to play when up here on business.
27 holes of incredible golf!!!
So perfect, simply a beautiful track. Long and vast yet challenging at every turn.
Friendly & educated staff, great service, great food & drinks.  Well stocked pro shop!
This is a must play to everyone who comes to Michigan. Well worth the money!

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Shepherd's Hollow is northern Michigan golf located in South East Michigan.  If one word describe SH, it would be "BIG".  Big fairways, big greens, big trees, big bunkers, and a fairly big price.

We never play during prime time, because there are few weekly play courses that we're willing to pay $85 for, but twilight can be found for $60 in the summer, and even better price during the off season.

The greens at Shepherd's can be hit and miss, but the last couple of years they've really improved.  The only complaint I've had about the condition of the course the last couple of times I've played here is that there are a far too many rocks, and fairly large ones, in the bunkers.  Come on guys, clean these things up.  They're not only ugly and a pain to play in, but can be dangerous when an unseen rock comes flying out of the bunker.  This is not acceptable for a $40 course, let alone a top tier public course.

The design of Shepherd's is probably an 8.5 out of 10.  Out of the 27 holes, there are 2 which I think are really poorly designed.  Specifically # 14, which is a short par 4, large down hill tee shot, then way back up the hill.  The problem is that off the tee, all the balls collect into one area, and far too common to end up in a divot.  That area of the fairway is just is terrible condition.

The other hole is #16.  They've tried to improve this hole over the years, but again, the tee shots collect in one area off to the left in the rough.  It's nearly impossible to hold the fairway on this hole and there are divots all concentrated in one area.

The dilemma is that I love the other holes from 10-18, especially 17 and 18.  What a great way to finish a round.

When we played there, I booked a tee time online for holes 1-18. When we arrived, we were told we would be played 19-27, and 1-9, because they had an outing on the other 9.  While I appreciate being moved to the faster 9, they really should have had the tee times booked off in their system to accommodate this outing.    What was really odd is that they had a number of twosomes, where they should have paired them up into foursomes for better pacing on the 9.  Oh well, I've known for a long time that geniuses don't run golf courses!

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No reviews for a year?  Course is in great shape. Greens are perfect. Paid 45 dollars for 18 before nine am.   Only issue is the course is hard and not real forgiving.   So a missed drive or shot can slow things up. But at a beautiful great course

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