Shelter Harbor Golf Club

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Can't find one negative to say about this course. Interesting and fun layout. Great historical sites (indian burial ground and a civil war grave) incredible views with fall foliage. Water, sand and all the trees you can handle. Fast greens. Perfectly cut fairways. Great pro shop and locker rooms. All the best practice facilities you could ask for. No surprise this course keeps climbing all the golf lists. Incredible.

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Absolutely spectacular.

With rolling fairways, fast greens, and breathtaking scenery, Shelter Harbor, is most certainly one of the premier golf clubs in Rhode Island.

Tucked out of the way off of route 2 in Charlestown the course is enhanced by the natural beauty around it by playing right into the landscape. Put another way, this course was built taking into account the existing topography and existing features of the land. It was built around those features instead of imposing its will on them. The result is fabulous. Fescue, deep bunkers (a few have steps leading into them), rock walls, ponds - this place has it all.

Tee boxes, fairways, bunkers and greens are all impeccable. Just what you would expect at a very high end private course. The driving range is e-freaking-normous.  It has different tiers of hitting areas - all on grass mind you.

The men's locker is well-appointed, complete with a sitting area and its own small bar.

And, while it is private, there are several charity outing / tournaments held each year so get out and play in one of them. It is worth it.


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