Sharon Woods Golf Course

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I have been to this course a  couple times now and have really enjoyed it! Just wish I would have played better, lol. In any case the course sits back in the park, very well maintained, great views and reasonably priced. I came in with a few guys from work and the gentleman in the pro shop was very accommodating and even gave us a discount. Looking forward to gofing here again in the future.

Quick tip....Because this place is within a metro park, an annual pass is required to get in. Not too big of a deal, $2 for the day or $10 for the year....I

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I know what you're thinking, this guy just won't shut up about the golf. Well guess what Daisy Sue, we've got more where all this comes from.

Stepping outside my comfort zone of the Cincy Rec courses, I decided to give Sharon Woods a shot with some of my coworkers.

It was a great decision.

Sharon Woods is a Hamilton County course, and while significantly more expensive than Cincy Rec, it's worth every penny.

The starters keep things moving along, and each time I've played, people follow pace of play rules. The actual condition of the course is great, too.

The yardage and slope is nothing to scoff at, so you can walk with pride amongst any of the lower handicaps amongst your friends.

Sharon Woods would be fun just to talk around in, too.

The course is fairly well enveloped by trees, but is decently open on the inside. Just don't waste your time looking for your ball when you do actually hit into the trees.

SW makes good use of water hazards, as well. So look out when you think you might be hitting into the drink, because you probably are.

When you make it to the turn or the 19th hole, the prices in the club house are pretty fair. Make sure to get their specials, because they are actually worth it.

While the course is a bit of a pain to get to, and more expensive than Cincy Rec, I'd definitely recommend you put it in your regular rotation.

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