Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club

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Not a spectacular club, but decent for Northern California. Course is lacking, good is mediocre, members are nothing notable. Club house looks like a ski lodge. Membership dues and fees are somewhat reasonable.

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So many of my childhood memories are at Sharon Heights, from swim meets when we were younger to graduation dinners when we were older.  If you are looking to join a country club, and realistically have the ability then you are probably not looking at yelp but still..  for the price this place is really incredible.  The grounds, inside and out are immaculate and tended to 24/7.  The golf course is world class and the tennis courts are as good as they get.  

There are activities for everyone, kid's camps, card clubs for anyone interested and different events almost daily, available to members.

The food is pretty awesome too, serving everything from light snacks to multi course dinners.  The staff is really phenomenal, they are clearly focused 100% on service and are dedicated to taking care of all of their clients.  Although we are no longer members it is a big treat when I get to go back and reminisce on all of those memories!

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Fabulous place to play a tough round of golf and have a delightful lunch or dinner on the patio facing the number 18 fairway.  The pool area is refreshing with a welcome staff willing to fill your cup to the very top of delicious wines or their famous "Skinny Margaritas".  Special events are done to the tee!    Make sure you have enough room left over after your dinner to try on of the special deserts.

Agree workout room is too small with lots of traffic heading to the men's locker room.

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love this place. (I got in as a member through my husband). The golf course tends to be crowded on the weekends..and you are either waiting on someone..or someone is waiting on you.. It's not the ideal scenario for a private club. We generally play elsewhere because of this situation. They have, however,  recently renovated the course..and it is really, really lovely.

Workout room is far too small for a club of this size, although there are plans for expansion.

Food and service here are wonderful. Margaritas are some of the best in the Bay Area.

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An outstanding event venue. Easy to find as it's right off the freeway with what appears to be it's very own exit. Plenty of parking and an easy to find office. Friendly and attentive staff. Beautiful views of the golf course as a backdrop.

Though I expected the food spread to be better, it is solid and won't disappoint your guests. Be sure to get the lemon tarts and the berry custard tarts too.

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