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This place really stepped up it's game. The club has been completely redone and is gorgeous. We just held a wedding here and the place was perfect for photos and the venue went off without a hitch. The staff was helpful and courteous. We had great food that was perfectly cooked and fresh.

I have enjoyed the golf course many times and had some great outings here. The final straw is the price... you can't get more for your money at a Country Club anywhere around. For young and old alike, this place is worth a look.

Highly Recommend.

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I have many fond memories of the country club. I spent my summers swimming at the pool when I was younger, and had my wedding there in May.

It really is a beautiful facility that Sharon is lucky enough to have. Their fitness center is excellent. Clean, never packed, and equipped with treadmills, ellipticals, free weights, and weight machines.

Their multiple restaurants are all delicious, and a great way to grab a quick bite. If you only order sandwiches, you can get a great dinner for less than $20 for two.

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This review is  strictly for the restaurant.  I had lunch here today and the clubhouse is beautiful  with a 12M renovation.  The lounge and most of the restaurant area is really dark with nice black leather seats and many tables.  The service is okay, but somewhat weak.  Our waitress today was definitely a high school student and her timing with the food was off.  She also didn't ask me how I'd like my burger cooked, which I just figured wasn't an option until I asked.  Their was five of us at the table, but the table was a big round table with seating for eight.  The view of the 18th hole was nice and it was fun to watch the hackers finishing off their day.  I had a cheeseburger which was okay, but the meat wasn't prime or even choice I'd guess.  I asked for sauteed mushrooms on top and received maybe a total of one mushroom.  I had asked for vegatables and was hoping for a green vegatable or asparagus, but they only had squash (which I think is a winter vegatable), nevertheless it was quite good.  The bread was great just out of  the oven, the only problem is that it didn't arrive until after our entrees'.  A biz. associate had the crabcake which looked like mostly breading and some others had chicken salads, which looked pretty good with a nice chicken breast.  Overall a decent restaurant with a good wine selection.  And, this place is a steal for a club membership.

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