Shaganappi Point Golf Course

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Shag is a great inner city course! Easy to book through the city system and the driving range overlooks the city, at the 10th hole (which may be its signature shot) goes over a ravine overlooking the city.  Just located between downtown and my own house, it's a great place to sneak out Friday afternoon to do a fun 18 holes, then head straight home! 9 holes good for beginners and 18 holes good for a bonding time with the friends!

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This course was perfect for my husband and I as we were visiting from Coeur d'Alene. We didn't want to golf all day but we got outside to enjoy what Calgary has to offer. Not the nicest gold course I've ever been to but I didn't want that. Wish I had my kids with me as this would have been perfect for them. The staff was awesome! I would definitely come back.

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I'm not sure how I've been here so many times and not reviewed yet. I love city courses as they are reasonable and easy. I'm still getting back into golf, so I cant justify $100/round.

We used to go to Lakeview, but decided to check this out. And we love it. Generally we just do the Valley 9 and it's perfect. For 2 people, a power cart and a drink each, it's $80.

Being that it's a beginner course, it can take a while. We've finished a round in 2 hours as per usual, and we've taken over 3 from being stuck behind super slow people. As some of the holes are very short and you can't even tee off until the group ahead is done. They are well maintained greens, nice layout, some trees and water for a technical aspect, but all around a great course to learn on or just have a fun round.

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This gold course seems like a great place to go, and I did have a good time here it was just a lot wetter than I was expecting. I probably would have given this place 4 stars but I wasn't so happy when my feet and socks were soaking wet on hole 8.

Some of this golf courses redeeming qualities are that there is the option to do 9 or 18 holes, I always opt for 9 because I get bored of golf after 7 holes. The staff seemed pretty friendly, although it's difficult to make a reservation.

They are pretty strict on keeping up with your time, it's not the easiest golf course, there are quite a few long drives so I would not recommend this place for beginners.

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This was the first year for my wife to get seriously into golf and we played here about once a week over the summer. Shaganappi is a great place for new players to get their feet wet. It is a beginner-intermediate course with very forgiving (read: wide) fairways with decent length to be challenging yet not overwhelming.

We really enjoy playing the Valley 9 because it is well maintained and fun to play. It is also easy to walk. It's a great way to get out for a couple of hours and enjoy the sunshine plus get some good exercise. We have also been lucky to have played with very friendly and fun people each time out this year.

You can check available playing times and also book online here:…

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