Shady Oaks Park

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Course was great. Although the second hole was flooded due to heavy rains, the entire outing was enjoyable. I used to come here as a kid for the petting zoo etc. so it was strangely nostalgic to be there doing something I currently love; a bridge to the generations. I can't wait to shoot here again and hopefully we'll get a chance to try #2 the next time around.

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Been playing here for well over a dozen years. It's a long, rather flat and open 18 hole course. Baskets are the Chainstar type. Tees are mostly concrete, with a couple holes teeing off a path or dirt. There are alternate tees and holes on 12 and 14, off the top of my head, but it's easiest just to play off the standard tees. Alternate hole placements change up the course a bit during the year. Overall, a great course to let your arm rip, for those that love distance. Watch out for the swampy area, which affects about 4 holes, as you can easily lose discs in there.

Got my first hole-in-one here, on the old hole 13 (the hole where you had to shoot blindly into the woods). It's a shame that the new 13 is the total opposite of the old one.

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