Shadow Brook Golf Course

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Nice game of mini golf, we liked the scenery, and the green was pretty clear od debris. Only minor issues were near the end we almost missed 1 bc the path was slightly confusing. Also some spots had no edges to the water so we had to fish the ball out of the water a number of times. They do have nets lying along the course to fish it out so it was too big of a deal. We did have fun!

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This review is just for the golf course.  I'm not sure it's affiliated with the driving range and/or the pitch & putt/mini golf.

Course is very short.  9 holes ranging from about 60 yards to 115 yds in length.  So for most players, this is a 2-4 club course (PW, Putter, SW, GW).  Maybe throw in an 8 or 9 iron, if you aren't a long hitter.  So.. this course is so short that it's not really even useful to work on Par 3s on most full length courses.

So, that being said, this is a PERFECT course to get those kids into golf.  With such short holes, and no water hazards, it's a great course to let the young ones get a feel for course management, to let them work on their accuracy, and just give them a feel for the game of golf.  And at $10/9holes, it won't break your wallet.

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I give it 2 because of the course condition.  Otherwise, lots of golfers on this course lacking etiquette for the game and the management does nothing about it.  I played the course and walked off halfway because the management did not want to stop the non sense in front of our game!  I tried politely to remedy the situation, with no response.  After walking off they offered us a free round which we politely declined. We then went to a driving range in seekonk. They just lost 2 paying customers for the course and range! Enough is enough. Played there too many times to be treated that way.

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Went down to my parents house in North Attleboro today and decided hey they weather is perfect out, Dad lets go to the driving range. Got there and realized they had a par 3 9 hole golf course, didn't even know! I saw the price of $10 and thought eh this is gonna be lame but my short game is kinda scruffy right now so might as well do it. Got to the first tee and was amazed at how well they keep this place! The grounds were very nice, the fairways were cut perfectly and the greens were in top notch shape. I was very impressed and very glad we came here! Highly recommended if your looking to work on your short game or learning how to play golf!

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For all those people who want to enjoy a nice game of golf without a strict dress code or extreme prices, Shadow Brook Golf Course is the place to go.

I lucked out and spent $16 on Living Social and that got my husband and I: 2 medium buckets for the driving range, 2 rounds of golf (9 holes), and 2 bottles of water.  Needless to say, it was a great time without breaking the bank (although it would have only been $34 without the discount).

The course wasn't immaculate but kept well enough that we really enjoyed ourselves.  It wasn't overly crowded; we never had to wait for someone to finish a hole nor did we have players waiting for us.  Although it sounds oxymoronic, we had an enjoyable, relaxing game of golf:)

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