Sewells Point Golf Course

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The course is in phenomenal shape and the fungus has been completely taken care of. Overall one of the best kept greens in the area.

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Solid course with a little bit of everything in relation to fairways. Some long shots, some short shots and of course water shots. all at a great price.

As with any of the navy MWR courses, it's well maintained course with a good clubhouse and pro shop but not to a PGA tour level. My only complaints are the putting greens really need some work. It looks as if a fungus got the best of them. I'm also not a fan of the irons only driving range. It makes it difficult to get your driver down before hitting the course if you don't have the ability to hit a shot or two. Still the rest of the play is quite good for a bogey golfer such as myself (OK a few over bogey).

Service: Probably the best golf course price for a beer in Hampton Roads...and all with a smile. Everyone from the clubhouse to the Course Marshall was polite and helpful.

Overall: I'd really like to give this course a solid 4 Stars but the greens drop it to a 3. Still for the price of a round and basing it on the MWR golf course scale not PGA course scale it's easily a 3.0.

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Really enjoyed playing this course today!  Certainly helped that it was 70 degrees on December 21st, but having the ability to walk the course was great.  This is an old Donald Ross design that you can play for $26, you just can't beat it.  I'll certainly be back to play this course and would encourage anybody reading this review to go too.  The clubhouse looks to have been recently renovated, we got a hot dog, beer and bottle of water for $7 at the turn.  The pro shop looked like a mini Golf Galaxy!  Service of course was excellent.

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No drivers on the driving range? Hitting balls of matts? The course looked to be in good condition but everything else is a mess, going through renovations. Why would a golf course plan renovations through spring and summer

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Golfed there today in a charity tournament. I really didn't really think about it but after looking back the course was in excellent condition. Greens were rolling smooth and quick. Looks like the renovation paid off. Not a super tough course... Suits those who are new to the game as well as seasoned players looking to wager a few Benjamins among playing competitors.

Beyond just the course, they have an awesome patio area for large outings. The proshop is well stocked with lots of choices (I bought a club there not too long ago) and the staff is pretty friendly.

I'm not too keen on their practice facility though. Their driving range I believe is irons only and very wild shots could make its way to the parking lot so park as far right as possible.

This place does cater to the military but offer decent rates to non-military. I think I overheard $39 for a round with cart rental. Not too shabby these days!

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