Seven Oaks Country Club

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Wow, it was busy on a Thurs night!
Less craziness on the patio, great weather.
The appies were wonderful (tacos and veg) and the service was spectacular as well as professional. (Kristen, thank you!)
We also tried the edamame and the stir fry. So simple but so good and decent portions. The prices were very reasonable. EX, a cup of clam chowder for $3.
Our realtor took us here and we had such a great time, I would not have wanted to be anywhere else tonight!
Great drinks, extensive menu, terrific view of the mountains and the golf course.
Even if you are not a golfer, you would likely enjoy what the Country Club has to offer.
Members only (with guests)

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My boss took a group of us there for an informal lunch meeting. I was impressed by the diversity in their lunch menu. However when we each started placing our order we began to find out they were out of most of the dishes each of us wanted to order. I ordered a falafel sandwich. When I got my sandwich I noticed the tahini sauce was missing. I notified the waiter and he proceeded to tell me they ran out. He offered ranch instead. I ended up eating my sandwich dry, which was that pleasant. For a country club of this scale I expected better. I've been to other events here and I have always been pleased with their service and food. Not sure what was going on this day.

Our waiter did have a great sense of humor and it was quiet enough for a lunch meeting. Three stars for that.

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Had a great time.

I'm not a member, but i am friends with multiple people who are, so i get to enjoy their club once in a while.

The course was in great shape which is to be expected...typically all the clubs in town are typically in good shape.  Everything from their greens, carts, fairways....everything was in perfect condition.

the service was 11/10.  I am a member of a different country club in town, and though their service was 10/10...i thought Seven Oaks was above and beyond when i was out there.  I was very impressed and look forward to the next chance i have to come out.

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I've been here a number of times. The first time was my Senior Prom back in 1998. Since then  I've visited for wedding receptions. Always super classy and beautiful facilities.

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We have been members of this country club since it opened. Growing up, I spent so much time here playing tennis, going to events, and having dinners. I used to play tennis here and can vouch for the quality of the grounds and the staff. These days I mostly enjoy the food every time I visit home. Pasta Wednesdays seems to be popular (you can make your own pasta and the chefs make it right in front of you). Warmer months here are the most beautiful, with the roses in bloom and the pool in full force. Just played tennis here this past Christmas and it felt like no time had passed. Love this place.

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