Serenoa Golf Club

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Good course. Could be better maintained but that is improving with new management. I have to agree with M.B.  it took is 5 hours to play recently and we just made it in by dusk!  

Maybe if they stopped giving away food and beer they would have more money revenue?

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I've been playing at this golf course for four years.  Really good course.

New ownership with dollars in his eyes.  Need I say more?  They are now timing at SIX MINUTES between groups -- play has gone from 4 hours to five -- so if you start at 1pm, you cannot finish before dark.  And I'm fresh out of those glow-in-the-dark balls, especially since the holes the dark!

I play with a group that is consistent -- 3 times a week like clockwork.  YES, we've spoken to the new owner.  And the manager.  Stunningly tone deaf. "Well, nothing is guaranteed."  Well, with reputable golf managers, when they sell you a round -- they manage it so that you can play the entire round.  Enough said.

Find another option until summer -- when all the golf courses REALLY appreciate your business.

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