Sequoyah Country Club

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I had my wedding at Sequoyah, which is a great place for party and event.
+ Beautiful place
+ Good setup
+ Decent food
+ Great price
+ Very orangized catering manager. Brian is truly professional, experienced and efficient. I personally admire his working ability.

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On your way up to the club, you're transported to a hidden Oakland that not many are aware of...but it's there and it's lovely and I look forward to going back.

-Great for parties
--Staff is on point
---Beautiful setting

When you plow me with never-ending glasses of Chardonnay, roasted red potatoes, mini beef wellingtons and large pieces of cake, you're going to feel the love from me... tremendously!

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This review is related to hosting events (prom/wedding) at the location.

We hosted our prom at the Sequoyah Country Club and we couldn't have found a more beautiful setting for our event. The spanish mission style building is gorgeous inside and out. It is nestled in the redwoods up in the Oakland hills with spectacular views of the bay. The dinner was delicious - a few teachers who have been to many proms say this was the best food they have had. They offer an ice cream bar for dessert and it was an absolute hit among the students and chaperons! But beyond the beauty of the location and the quality of the food, working with the staff is what made the difference. They were so helpful and accommodating throughout the planning process. On the night of the event the entire staff was friendly and helpful at every turn. I know our students had a blast and it is an evening they won't soon forget. After the event was over my wife and I were bummed we didn't know about Sequoyah Country Club when we were planning our wedding!

Book this place for your prom or your wedding! You won't regret it.

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My office had thier annual christmas party here. we sat in a nice room and enjoyed very good food and wine. They even had a bar and many of my coworkers and i stayed way after and hung out. They closed the bar at like 7 pm which i thought was super early but they let us hang out there anyways. from what i understand the members only section still had a bar and restaurant open on the 2nd floor. The main reason i am giving the place a five was the location. It was beautiful. Deer roaming near the trees and you could see the entire bay. breath taking. the 2nd reason i am giving this place 5 stars is the out door seating which had fire places that were gas operated and lever controlled. my coworkers and i watched the sun go down and enjoyed the fire while doing it. it really doesn't get much better than that! i really may join.

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It's a nice location in the Oakland hills, but I'm not personally a fan of golf courses that have a lot of hills.  You have very few flat lies and the course is in decent condition but not great.

I was invited to play in a tournament there, which was very well run so I can't complain, but I'm not sure I would want to be a member there.

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