Sellingers Classic 3 Golf Course

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I like this place. A good place to brush up on your short game. Lots of trees and some water. Greens in  rough shape last time I played in April.

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If you are a beginner and have never held a golf club in your hand before coming here, than this is the place for you. You will feel good about your game because you'll be better (and safer) than any of the other people on this course at any given time.

The owners apparently don't care about anything more than making a quick buck. There were people doing dangerous things (throwing clubs, super-negligent errant shots, e.g.) on the course. The golf shop has overpriced products in stock - if you can find a price tag - and the green fee is way too high for the phenomenally poor condition of the course. The greens are in great shape, but the fairways and tee boxes look worse than anything I've ever seen before.  The missing price tags on much of the merchandise was highly irritating, given there were two attendees in the shop spending their time watching a soccer match instead of working (i.e. price marking inventory, anyone?).

Now if you're looking to play at night, this is probably one of the few options in the area that is lighted. But unless you golf with a helmet and body armor, it's probably not worth it. Bottom line: Avoid.Use the driving range instead. If you're looking for a more reasonable place to play 9 holes, go to Spring Valley GC - if it's Par 3 you're looking for, there's a much better place just north of 1960 on Jones.

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