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This is a review for the Embassy Grille which is the main dinner dining option at Sedgefield. Since this is owned by McConnell as well as Old North State Club to which the in-laws belong we were able to try it out. I was impressed immediately by the decor of the place I was just a fan of it in general. Can you really go wrong with a good printed chair? In my opinion, no!

I started off with some Sauvingon Blanc while we waited for the rest of the group, they have White Haven which is sooo good. Probably too good for ability to drive purposes. So many things on the menu looked delicious, it was hard to narrow it down. I really like that they have small plate menu options and a lot of the other menu items can be served in half portions.

Started off with the salad with duck confit. So good! They were liberal with the duck and it was tender and perfect. My fiance and I are not big salad people, this one we would order again in a second. The table also split some lobster mac and cheese which was awesome! It had huge delicious chunks of lobster in it. The in-laws got the salad special of the evening which was the a oyster salad. The waitress's description didn't say anything about bacon pieces in it, only that it had a bacon vinaigrette. Since my mother in law doesn't eat meat she asked for a different salad dressing. We also had to get no bacon in the mac and cheese. But, then the salad came out with bacon on it. Not sure why that would happen. Oh well, she ate around it.

For my meal I got their signature dish. It was a small fillet, with asparagus, and hollandaise sauce. Ummm sign me up! I ordered it medium. It came and I took a bite and it was more like a pot roast than a filet which I thought was odd. I cut into the middle and there was not a touch of pink in sight. I never send things back but I mean this was pretty bad. The waitress apologized and they quickly made me a new one which was perfectly medium and delicious. The steak looked completely different the second time around, the kitchen had to know that was no medium steak when it went out.

For dessert, they have a dessert tray! Which I love because it helps me convince other people that we need to order a dessert. We got the skillet chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream. Unfortunately the cookie was luke warm at best, but we still demolished the whole thing. They don't have decaf cappuccinos though only decaf coffee.

I will be back for sure! I hear they now have an awesome spa as well, I wouldn't mind frequenting that either.

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