Sea N Air Golf Course

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Please note, I am not a golfer and am rating the breakfast at the restaurant only. I'm always on the lookout for a good breakfast spot, and have found some nice gems hidden at golf courses and small airports; however, this is not the case.

I ordered the 19th Hole Special. This is two biscuits and gravy, two eggs (any style) and their house special potatoes. The cashier, who was pleasant, gave me my order number and I went to find a seat. She gave me #13 and said, "oh that's bad luck." Little did I know this would be true with my order.

The biscuits and gravy were the best part, but sub par compared to others I've had at other locations. The eggs were ordered over medium, and they turned out a little greasy. Although, this could have been a side effect of sitting next to the potatoes. The potatoes were cubed and apparently bathed in butter. I couldn't eat them because they were crisp as if not cooked at all.  Overall I am unsatisfied, but this my first time here and I did not see any other reviews. So, it was worth a shot.

Positives: Uhhhh, there is a nice view of the golf course, which appears to be well maintained. I have a great appreciation for a manicured lawn, especially if I don't mow it.

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I was lucky enough to get to play this course for the first time a couple of Sunday afternoons ago, as a guest of a retired navy seaman.  We had been debating between this course or Miramar, but settled on Sea N Air because the day was so hot that we felt things would be more comfortable by the shore.  The biggest impression that was made on me was how bumpy the greens were, especially the front nine.  One member of our group marked his ball on the green with a long tee, and I literally saw a ball hop *over* this tee as it made it's trip towards the hole.  The greens putted very slow on the front nine as the the speed of the ball was eaten up by all the bumps.

The layout of the course was fairly nice, with some water hazards that hide themselves in valleys just under the horizon of the flat ground.  Although we got carts, the course looked very walkable.  The back nine was really nice, with the refreshing ocean breeze cooling off a very hot day.  Pace of play was pretty good, with my own group falling behind on a couple of holes because of bad luck and bathroom breaks.  A beverage cart made it's way around the course and passed us three times, but the back nine snack bar was unfortunately closed by the time we reached it in the late afternoon.  The service of the pro shop and the starter were both excellent, with the starter giving us some tips on the first few holes.  Made it around in about 4 hrs 15 minutes.  Overall it was an enjoyable day, and I would return if given another opportunity.

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This was the worst golf experience ever. A friend if mine is getting deployed and invited us out to play. The staff was fantastic and the course was great. The people playing were incredibly rude.

On the second hole some guy came up to us and started yelling at us about playing through the national anthem. None of us heard it and everyone else continued playing.

We were playing with a guy who was not the best golfer. We were having a blast and laughing and cracking jokes. He hit someone's cart on an adjacent fairway, apologized and the gentleman was so cool about it. However, another unrelated guy saw us and came over and yelled at us and said he'd get us kicked off for laughing.

The third instance was when the group ahead of us had some angry Asian lady who said we were intentionally trying to hit people. None of us are good enough to even come close to hitting anything on purpose.

Everyone here was wound so tight it was unbelievable. What happened to playing for fun and to have a great time and enjoy the day? Get over yourselves. I will not be coming back here again.

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As far as military courses go, this one is top tier.  The staff's helpfulness and friendliness are above average.  The carts have GPS.  The range and clubhouse are respectable.  The course is green and three holes are against the Pacific Ocean, though I think the slope and rating are a little low overall.

What I don't like about the course are the greens.  I think a great golf course will have 18 greens (and the practice green) that are the same.  Same speed, firmness, etc.  I played Sea N Air yesterday, and the greens were very soft with spike marks all over.  Additionally, some were faster than others.

Dollar for dollar though, this is the best round of golf in San Diego!

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Great golf course on NASNI.. it's kept up in great condition almost all year round.. has a few challenging holes as well... and the greens are not beat up too bad...a word of advice .. this place gets packed on the weekends with lots of retired elderly people that can make a round of golf here go in to the 6hr range..So try and go on a weekday if all possible if you want to keep your sanity!!

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