Sea-Aire Golf Course

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This place is strangely cool. I went there during lunch and our four-some played it in under 45 minutes. It's a short pitch-n-putt 9-hole hidden amidst a field of houses.

My buddy paid for me, but I think it's like $10 or less. You hit off mats, and each hole is average 50 yards away. There's a long one, about 75 yards, and a few shorter ones - but the challenge is most of them are elevated. Not very well maintained, but what do you expect? It's like someone built a kindergarten and in the parking lot decided to build a mini-golf course. It's unique, to say the least. And to that end, it's got character.

I played awful. Just awful. I'm not very good, sure, but I played embarrassingly (sp?) - and in front of my boss' boss, no less. Ugh. How damaging is that. But I learned its a great place to go to expose your weaknesses and work on your short game. So I've made it a plan to go back and play at least once a week 'til I shoot par.

No problem.

Come on by. I'll be there for a while 'til I get there.

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