Sea-Aire Golf Course

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I am a fan of this place. It's not fancy, it's not hard, it's pretty small...but it's very big on fun. It's just a little pitch and putt nestled in Torrance. It's the course I play with my kids to just spend time with them. It gives them confidence to hit the greens, and we all have a blast. It gets busy sometimes, but it's because it's a great value for the family time.

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3.5 stars.

Fun little pitch-and-putt course in the middle of a Torrance residential neighborhood. Most of the nine holes are between 40 and 60 yards, with the longest at 86 yards uphill. I brought a sand wedge, lob wedge, and putter, and that was more than enough. The starter was a friendly guy and he gave me a few tips for the course; it's always great to get the local knowledge.

The course is in decent shape and since it hosts so many rounds, don't expect pristine greens or immaculate fairways. However, it's a good place to work on your pitches/chips and if you're in a hurry, you can easily sneak in 9 holes here. I took my time and still finished my round in half an hour.

I'd recommend Sea-Aire for anyone with children, due to the short length and easy walkability of the course. Green fees are $7 on the weekday and $8 on the weekends (add $1 for non-residents). Juniors (17 and under) fees are $4 weekday and $5 weekend.

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This is a great little par 3 pitch and putt course hidden within a south Torrance community.  
    This is a 9 hole course that cost like 7 or 8 bucks if you are a Torrance resident ( it's a buck more for non Torrance residents). You only need 2 clubs. If you suck like me then you will need a pitching wedge and putter  but if you are more experienced then a sand wedge and putter will do.
    This is a pretty fun little course to play with some friends or solo if you want to practice some pitch and putting and you can probably finish a round in 35-45 min or an hour if you suck.
     I definitely will be back to practice some of my short game because god knows I need to.

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It's been like 15 years since my last round here but sea air was still just like how I remembered from my high school days. 9 hole pitch and putt where most holes are 40-60 yards (longest is a 86 yard uphill) but it's surprisingly challenging and the greens are in decent shape.

Showed up around 3:30 on Saturday and the place was pretty empty.  My buddies and I played 9 holes in about 30 mins which isn't too bad considering we were hitting a couple of balls each.

Great place to pick up the game or sharpen up your short game. I think it was $7 with a Torrance ID and $8 without.

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Sea Aire is a Torrance landmark. Awesome little 9 hole pitch and putt with a couple holes having small elevated greens that will challenge the best short game. If you want to dial in your short game this is the place. The longest hole is 86 yds all uphill so all you need is a lob/sand wedge and a putter. Greens are surprisingly pretty dang nice! I took my 5 yr old son for the first time and he loved it. The course never gets overly crowded so you can play a couple balls on each hole. So as Alex R stated, grab a couple tall boys and enjoy! FYI the restaurant/bar "Texas looseys" is right around the corner.

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