Scranton Country Club

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Ehh... I had yet another mediocre meal at a wedding at the Scranton Country Club. Its a beautiful location but the food is consistently uninspired.

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My friend's wedding was here a little over a year ago, and MY GOD, it's beautiful.  I spent 4 years of my life in Scranton (college years), and had no idea a place this gorgeous existed in the area.

The grounds are lush and green and beautiful!  We got to enjoy the cocktail hour outside.  Imagine knocking back delicious beverages while smoking a cigarette and reminiscing with your best friends (and your former choir director - WHAT?!?).  

The food was delicious.  The steak that I had was probably the best I've ever tasted in my LIFE.  Eric agreed with me, as did a few others.

Those of us who went to college together were all seated in this weird patio-ish room to the side of where the main reception was.  We had our own bartender!  I believe this was all done on purpose.  Keep the fellow alumni in the back, near the booze, in a room we can lock them in if they get too rowdy! :)

Everything about this place was classy and gorgeous.  The decor, the grounds, the food.  OK, maybe not EVERYTHING was classy...I mean, we were a bunch of U of S alumni with unlimited access to liquor!

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