Scotland Run National Golf Course

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used to be a great place..if overpriced. however, the last few times I've been there the food was awful. the seared tuna inedible! yucK.

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Played the course today with my son-in-law. Overall a solid course. The fairways were a little beat up, the traps had sand with rocks in them, and not worth the green fee of $85.  There are other south jersey courses with lower green fees that provide a better experience.

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Don't even bother . . .

This establishment is minutes from my home.  Would be so nice to go there for a drink  and some light food (or even a meal) but the past 2 times we've gone there, without going into detail, made me so sick!!!!  My boyfriend and I dine out often, usually not local, but the atmosphere here is really well done - as a designer by trade, the bar is awesome, as is those who attend it.  The kitchen/food - not so much.  One would think after an owner puts in all this money to build this beautiful building that they would stay on top of their kitchen and menu.  No!!!!  The menu hasn't changed in at least the past 2 years and everytime we go there for food, I get sick..Hello - who's monitoring the kitchen???

Never, never will I go back.  never.  What a waste . . .

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Nice course. Well maintained but not entirely up to par based on the hefty green fees.  I did have an awesome lunch at the bar though!

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Swanky. I was here last week for a corporate outing for a friends company. We had at 6:40 tee time and as we arrived there was a fog coming off of the rolling hills. I felt like I was at St. Andrews for a second! This course is WIDE OPEN. If you can't hit the fairways here, you need to hit the driving range. The course has some pretty intimidating hazards, like sand traps you need literal stairs to get down into. Theres a snack shop after the 9th hole and a beverage cart driving around the course so you're never at a loss for a drink or snack.

I DID get a snooty little vibe from the crew though. We were given basically an itinerary that told us what times we should be at certain holes to make sure our pace was fast enough. We were playing a scramble, and were only slightly ahead of schedule, so I can tell you with 100% certainty that if we were all playing our own balls we would be way behind what theyre version of "on pace" would be.

Other than that, the fairways were very well maintained, the greens were immaculate and the place was just clean and professional.

I will be back.

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