Saukie Golf Course

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If all courses were as easy as Saukie, golf would not be the infuriating sport it is.  Fairly flat, no water hazards, and a limited number of bunkers.  I think Tiger--well, the whoring Tiger--could probably break 50 here.  Even a hacker can enjoy himself at Saukie.  

I played for my high school's team one year, and it got me a summer of free golf.  Monday to Friday, noon to 3, I believe.  So a limited window, but hey, free golf.  What else are you going to do when you're fifteen, ride your bike and get high in the cemetery?  Saukie was a godsend.  

Being at best a mediocre golfer, my favorite part of the day was usually the trip to the clubhouse.  Since I'd gotten the round for free, I didn't feel too bad about springing for a burger and a Cherry Coke.  If I'd had an especially good or bad round, I'd get a cheese danish.  And I think I just got diabetes typing that.

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