Santa Teresa Golf Club

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Played there last 2 times couldn't finish the round. 6+ hours. Hey maybe loose the 5 somes.....  Money money money.

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Course is fine, but it's taken 2 hours to play 6 holes! Ridiculously slow for a Monday. Will have to stop at 9 cuz we're out of time

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Love this course and it's the closest to my home. The rates are getting a little out of hand, but the twilight fees help during the summer months.

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I have played in the 18-hole course during the weekday as a single player. The experiences were quite good. So I decided to try it with my family. We got there at noon. Ask for a tee time for 3some and got 2:15pm. After waiting for more than 2 hours, we heard our name announced under 2 some from clubhouse. Bewildered, we went in asked for why? A very RUDE staff named KEVIN replied that whoever booked the tee time at noon for us made a mistake by charging for two and reserved for 2 only. Therefore we can not go out as a family since there were five people in the group (paired with 2 other unknown players).

Then Kevin said to us that he will charge us $35 more if we want to go out again as 3some. We asked him when for the new tee time. He replied that he doesn't know when but insisted that we must pay first and wait for him to figure out the tee time. I want to ask KEVIN this question: "What kind of charge is this? You charge customer $35 more for an unknown tee time on a busy Saturday afternoon?"

I asked to speak to the manager. A woman named Michel came and listened patiently. She quickly set up a time for us and resolved the problem.

As for the rude Kevin?   He ruined my day and made me feel discriminated simply because I am a woman.

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The golf course itself is pretty decent, but the entire place is completely ruined by the most hostile, aggressive, and ignorant customer service I have ever experienced in my life.

While trying to pay for my 18 holes, one of the guys that works on Saturday morning (I'll get his name if I ever go back) just sat there staring me down.  At first I thought he might just be joking so I made a friendly comment to him.  He just glared at me (like a "I want to kill you" kind of glare) and didn't say a word.  And when I say "glare" I mean he stared me down for the ENTIRE time I was checking out.  It was REALLY creepy.  

After finishing my course I saw on my receipt that they had screwed up and over charged me.  I go back to the clubhouse and Mr. psychopath is still standing there and glares at me again.  I tell him about the mistake and he actually has the gall to try to lecture me about it and say "Next time you need to do blah blah blah" trying to pretend it was my fault for his screw-up.  Then he glares at me and asks the other guy to do it because he doesn't want to "deal with this."

The attitude he gave me was not just a "rude customer service" attitude.  He was seriously acting like a psychopath.  Whoever is in charge of this place should know the guy who works on Saturday is attempting to intimidate your customers.

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