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An older and classic Northern Long Island club, I was an invited guest to play the course and I was due to enjoy a day of on the links.
Tillinghast was the golf course architect,  does the name sound familiar? He also designed Bethpage Black Course, which will host the 2019 PGA Championship and the 2025 Ryder Cup.
As I mentioned  in my tip, the course plays short for the bigger hitters, so one must be aware of fairway bunkers that are not noticeable, but very much in play. During portions of the course from the tee box, you may catch glimpses of the tip of a fairway bunker yet the remainder of the hazard is lurking below your line of sight. Most will require a 260-270 carry from the championship tee's to fly them, so I recommend you do not attempt it as the penalty can me large..
Similarly, you find that same issue with your approach shots, there is deceptive bunkering. Once I had my yardage, I would execute the shot only to find in many cases I was on the beach. The wind swirls all over the course, I struggles all day to find a pattern of direction unsuccessful. I became perplexed trying to understand if it was the wind, the deceptively large bunkers that were catching my approaches, rather then their safe landing in the greens, as my swing was feeling properly grooved. If your were long on your approach, it was typically not a place you could get up and down from, short and you would be in high grass or a deep six foot bunker.
Once on the greens, again there was deceptive breaks I just could not get  a handle on and therefore remained uncomfortable with staring down a six footer for par. A putt I would typically slam in the back of the cuo without hesitation, I was on my heels with hesitation and re reads of every putt.
What a smart and strategic little course and a warm and welcoming clubhouse.

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Just need a membership to fully enjoy this golfing Mecca nestled on Long Island's "Gold Coast."

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