Sandelie Golf Course

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If what you're looking for is a quiet place you can play with your shirt off, look no further. This place, fondly referred to as "the pasture" by our little circle is not a pretentious one. We walk on, play at our leisure, and have fun. I'm no pro, usually double bogey out if it's a good day. But this place is fun. Grass isn't high end, hazards are few and far between. Makes for a fun 9 holes (on the west side) with a few beers. Many of the fairways are tight with heavily wooded areas on either side. I lost 2 balls today to bad slices on the 5th hole. (If you find my flourescent pink ball, let me know!) What I like about the pasture is no one cares if you suck. People are just out to have fun. And the occasional speedy single is more than happy to play through! Looking forward to a long summer here.

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So it was a nice sunny day and I was off from work and decided to play some golf with my brother. We only played nine holes but I've played 18 before here.

The course is very simple. Mostly straight, not many dog legs. The "fairway" is really just a long rough. Still managable to hit off them but they are longer than normal fairways. The greens are nice. Few are easy reads. On a nice day when the course isn't muddy, you'll get a nice roll when you hit the ball. Sometimes it's a good thing and a bad thing as your ball could continue to roll to feed your ego or roll past a target.

This course is not very friendly at times. There are areas with weeds that has white flowers on them. If you ball lands there, man that sucks. Also if you deveoloped a slice like my brother recently developed, this course might eat up most of your balls just like him. HA HA HA.

No driving range.

Want to meet single women? Monday's is womens days, $10 for the ladies.

No beverage girl.

Its a nice course. Didn't have to pay a ton.

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this course is a great place for players who are looking for a good price.  There are no sand traps and most of the holes are open, straight fairways.  a few holes offer a challenge where you can lose your ball to the deep brush and water hole but majority are great for beginners who are tires of the put and play and driving range.  the handful of times I have played here I have never had a tee time and was able to walk right on. the location makes for a quiet and peaceful surrounding with some beautiful scenery.

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The 18 hole course is a perfect place for a non-challenging fun day of golf.  Most holes are straight shots at the pin, with no bunkers, no water, limited elevation change, and wide fairways.  It is a few minutes off the freeway in Wilsonville, and is a world away.  Deer on the course, quiet and not crowded.  This is great for the novice golfer who does not want to feel rushed with people behind them, and hits inconsistently.  Even if you miss the fairway, you are likely to be able to find and play your ball.
The course is still long enough to get enough of a real course feel. There was no bar-cart on the course, and the amenities are very limited.  There are no cart paths, but we walked with a hand cart.

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The Sandelie West nine on Advance Road in Wilsonville is a great little treasure. I rate it a two because I have seen better, much better. But don't let that discourage you from playing. I had a great time smackin balls there.
There are some long drives, good greens, and no noise from the planet. It was so peaceful.
The critiques are that all of the holes are straight, there were some pretty good sized mud puddles in the fairways, the fairways had a lot of dirt areas, and several fairways were open to other fairways so it felt like playing in the park. But I still had a good time, of course that may be based on the fact that I wasn't at work.
I will return, the price is great, and it's very convenient for me.

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