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I was kicked out of the outside parking lot whilst jogging. Seriously? I'm outside of your property.

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Private and exclusive do not equal class - i can not speak to the overall experience or the members of this club, but when i went to the pro shop to pick up a hat for my 70 yrs old father (as that is the only thing he wanted for his birthday) i was treated rather poorly by a shabbily dressed employee who thought he was better than me because he had pants on (my shoes probably cost more than his entire outfit) - granted i was wearing shorts (which is apparently against the rules), but the fact that i pulled up at the clubhouse at 5pm on a Sunday to an empty and foggy SF golf club with my daughter just to run in and purchase this gift and then was belittled in front of my 9 yr old daughter, i feel was unnecessary and an embarrassment to this institution - my family have been members of Greenhills and Peninsula golf clubs and i have never seen anyone act this way that worked at either of those places - if i had been trying to play the course or been in some other portion of the club milling around i would expect someone to come speak to me with dignity and respect and let me know the rules, but to just pop off with a disdaining comment while he stood with his leg up on a chair watching TV in an otherwise empty room at the end of the day was uncalled for. Had this hat not been the only thing my father wanted for his birthday i would have walked out. Had my daughter not been there i probably would have responded and maybe even popped him one in his nose. i was raised in a very wealthy family in Hillsborough and i have never spoken down to someone in that manner.
i suggest you treat people as you yourself would like to be treated, and if you are going to be so arrogant, then at least look the part yourself.
as brief and meaningless as my visit here was, this experience left me with a very bad taste in my mouth, and should be viewed as an embarrassment by the whole club.

Sean Tilley

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Yes, I am straight!

So what if once in a while I get a pedicure!

Girls like clean toe nails!

And so what if I get my pedicures in the Castro!

Two of my favorite restaurants just happen to be in the neighborhood (Starbelly and Poesia). Two very romantic spots you can take your GIRL dates to.

And so what if the place I happen to get my pedicures at is called "Hand Job"!


And so what if I get my pedicures by a man!

He's a nice guy from Vietnam. He's cool, interesting and commutes up from San Jose on a daily basis just to work there!

Yes, I am straight but I will tell you what isn't. My tee shots, especially on those lucky occasions when I get to play the San Francisco Golf Club. This course is without question my favorite golf course anywhere. I am not kidding. Pebble? Nice but the ice plant frustrates me. Cypress? Other than that cool par 3, it's just another Pebble. Pinehurst? Maybe, that one is close but I still give the nod to the SFGC.

This course goes without saying is amazing and challenging. It rewards good shots and punishes those bad ones. Tee shots here are a premium and must be straight (for the record, I voted No on 8).

Getting on here is like winning the lottery. But if you ever get the chance, do not turn down your invitation. Even in wet windy and water soaked conditions this course is a treat!

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I'll never confirm or deny membership and I will never check in. No doubt that this is a beautiful course and from most reviews some of the best played games occur here. I don't find this course as challenging as it should be and I average 5 under par. Easy money if betting was allowed, but again I can not confirm or deny.

With exclusivity you get the "wow factor" and I think this is transferred to the overall take away from this club. Staff is attentive and always on the spot with any need. If you're a democrat make sure to remove your Obama bumper sticker and don't even think of bringing a camera. This so reminds me of La Costa in the days when it was a haven for certain family groups from New York, Jersey and Chicago.

If you get invited do go for the experience. You will have a fun time.

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...San Francisco Golf Club is the best course in SF
hands down!

It's beautiful...exclusive and elusive You have to be a member or guest costs boat loads of cash to get a membership...long waiting list, etc Definitely where the old guard likes to settle in and forget about the real world for hours on end!  After playing here myself I can understand why!

All accusations of snobbishness aside... this course is sublime, the greens are impeccable...the trees/landscaping are so lush and's the Golfing Garden of 1/2 expect a serpent to come slithering out and offering you a bite of his apple.  Here's a newsflash: no golf carts! NONE! You are hoofing it thru all 18  (or 9 holes if you're short on time/energy) and you have a caddy! (The way golf was intended to be played I suppose! = )   No cell phones allowed, no cameras...they don't want you disturbing the peace with loud voices/Beyonce ringtones or being distracted and holding up play!  No cameras because...I dunno, they want you moving  right along to the next tee and not flexing your guns for the camera?! (Or photographing the other guests?)  I've played several times in the past month and shot my BEST scores! Shot a 99 one day which was my personal best!  Ironically,   other people have said the same was their BEST game of golf evar!!  I'm not sure if there is magic and wizardry going on, along the lines of "Narnia"...maybe it was the gimlets?  The caddies guidance?  The lack of distractions? Hmmm...I wonder!

If you love to golf and if you have the opportunity to play here, do not pass up the opportunity, you will be wowed!!

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