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Beautiful Private Golf Club in the heart of Chula Vista, CA.  The home course of 1966 US Open and 1970 Masters Champion Billy Casper.  He was actually sitting in the Grill the day we played there and shared stories and answered all our questions for over an hour after our round.

The greens at SDCC are perfection and certainly the fastest in San Diego.  The course is very walkable and it a very traditional, beautiful layout that is impeccably maintained.

If  you have a chance to play this course, don't miss it.  It is a San Diego treasure.

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Me and my group from TaylorMade participated in the SCGA member outing here and i must say, it was a pleasure to play such a GREAT course. Ended up shooting 82 here but it definitely didnt feel like it. The course was in great shape and i heard this wasnt in its best shape. The greens were rolling at about 14-15 and the members said it wasnt fast. By far, the best greens in san diego. never had i had so many issues making putts.

If you ever get invited to play here, please do it. You will hate yourself if you never got a chance to play this course and if your from san diego. This is the BEST COURSE in San Diego. If only i could become a member.

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I'm surprised to only see two reviews so far of one of the best courses in SD.  And neither of them have actually been there!  So why the hell are you reviewing it?  So you can get your Yelp #'s up???  Get that weak sh*t out of here!

Here's a real review.  This is an old, mature course.  It is a private country club which means you can't play here unless 1)you're a member, 2)you know a member and are their guest, 3)are playing in a tournament whereby it has been rented out for the event.  The course also hosts various amateur/school tournaments.  I've been fortunate enough to have been invited to play by members several times over the past 10+ years.

The course is well maintained as most SD-area country clubs are.  That's part of what you pay for as a member.  Mature trees (pine and eucalyptus) line the fairways.  The course was lengthened a few years ago to add a bit more challenge, especially from the tips.  But there is very little trouble on the course (few water hazards or fairway bunkers).  The rough is pretty thick though and will grab the club easily.  So why is this course so great then?  The answer is the greens.  They are super-true but insanely fast and sloping.  I'm not sure what they measure on the Stimpmeter but think Augusta-type nastiness in some areas.  Yesterday I rolled a 10-foot putt by at slow speed, it went past the hole, picked up speed, and ended up 30 feet to the right of the hole.  It's also extremely difficult to read the greens.  Members know what they will do but if you don't play here a lot you're going to have a high putt count.  They are, hands down, the best greens in San Diego County and maybe all of SoCal.

Another nice thing about this place is that once you're inside the gates you don't feel like you're in Chula Juana.  Actually, by CV standards, it's not a bad neighborhood.  It's just your normal blue-collar neighborhood that was probably a lot nicer 50 years ago.  But now most of the homes are run-down (think front-yard storage) although there are a few well-kept places.  

The initiation fee, especially now, is cheap.  And the monthlies aren't bad either compared to other private courses in SD County.  This is a golfer's country club - no tennis courts or pool.  The focus (money) is directed towards the course.  Of course they have a nice locker room, pro-shop, 19th hole, and restaurant.  

This is the long-time home course of Billy Casper (51 PGA Tour wins including 3 Majors).  Phil Mickelson practices out here regularly when not on tour (remember the greens).

If you're ever invited to play here you should seize the opportunity.  Yes, you think you may hit the border before you get to the exit for this course (L Street).  But once you roll your first putt I promise you'll be impressed.

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