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Played here today as a prospective golfing member. There are some good deals in the area since there are so many private clubs within a short drive of each other and the economy has had a significant affect on pricing of 'luxury' things like this.

I played South-North and it was recently top-dressed an aerated. However, it was incredibly obvious this course is perfectly manicured and well cared for. The superintendent is doing a wonderful job. I played the morning after a pretty good rain and the course was wet but better than average drainage for the area as a result of the investment made by members to put layers of sand down twice a year.

The course is challenging but very fair. It is not terribly long and offers a number of risk reward scenarios from the tee and in approach shots. It would be difficult to get tired of these three 9 hole courses.

The greens are exactly what I think greens should be like. There are plenty of breaks and they are pretty quick. However, it is not like a putt-putt course with ridiculous breaks and 14 tier greens. If you miss a green an up and down is usually quite difficult with tough lies as a result of hills surrounding the greens with frequent trees, water, and punishing green-side bunkers.

The people here were fantastic. The 3 folks I played with were very welcoming and did not seem bothered at all by the fact I was having the worst round I've played since I was 12 years old. The staff was friendly and exactly what you would expect at a place like Sahalee treating their members as their bosses/owners.

Joining the club is a bit difficult with interviews and having to wait. They don't seem overly enthusiastic about getting new people in which is strange because they seem to need it. Although everyone was friendly I did get the impression that I may not fit in very well there and that is my only concern.

Price is fair, course is world class, practice facilities are standard, fitness facility is sub-par, and its a golf club so there isn't any tennis or swimming.

I haven't made a decision on whether or not I will join but I am giving 5-stars because Sahalee is a golf club and as golf clubs go this is one of the nicer clubs in the country for the price.

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We're "social members" and I'm glad we joined.  The best two things are 1) the restaurant which offers the best food I've had on the Eastside at fair prices.  You can't go wrong with their incredibly delicious dinners like Prime Rib, Chicken Piccata, or Seared Ahi.  2) my golf pro - Jeff - is amazingly patient and helpful.  

For a golf club as prestigious as Sahalee, you'd think they'd be snobby, but it's extremely welcoming -- even for bad golfers like me:-)  I highly recommend it!


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