Rutgers Golf Course

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I thought long and hard about what to make my 500th review.  I wanted it to be a food place, but we haven't gone out to anyplace nice (and new) recently.  I've seen others review Yelp, but I don't want to go there right now.  Then I thought maybe it doesn't have to be a food joint...I figured I'd review one of the places I've spent a LOT of time at over the years and came up with the Rutgers University Golf Course...

The Rutgers University Golf Course is one of my favorite courses to play in all of NJ simply because it used to be my home course - and I've played here more than any other golf course, easily 100 rounds.  The RU course was where I played my very first round way back in 1991 (shot an honest 123-awful) with my friends' grandfather's clubs-wooden woods with wodden shafts.  It's also been rated the #6 College course in the country (…)

I've had the opportunity to see some amazing changes implemented at this course since that first round including the addition of numerous bunkers, changed or new tee boxes, and even the removal and addition of trees to change the course a bit.  For the number of rounds that they put through here each year it remains in amazing shape-throughout the summer.  Rutgers has an amazing turf-grass management program through their environmental school so it's a great place to put knowledge to good use.  

Onto the course...If you're a nervous golfer (especially with a hook) the first three holes won't be good for you as they're along a road-and I've seen people hit cars (in fact, I hit one when I was in college-I used to be a terrible golfer).  This course isn't terribly long, but it does have a few long holes and it will challenge you if you aren't able to play the ball to correct positions on the course.  The 7th hole is a challenging, long dog-leg over a stream and the12th is just plain long and requires a monster-shot, also over a creek to make it to the green in two.  The tenth always kills me as your approach is to a small fast green that is elevated and crowned so it is tough to keep the ball on the green (only hole on this course I haven't birdied).  17 and 18 are nice finishing holes-a long par 3 over a stream and with a pond long right and 18 is just a grip it and rip it to a nice big green.  Along one stretch on the front nine you play almost in the shadow of the Rutgers Football Stadium...which is pretty cool too.  As with any course, the more you play it the more you learn where you can cut corners or play to spots so you're next shot is lined up-giving you a shot at birdie...and there are plenty of shortcuts on this course.  However, some of the tougher holes are the ones where you simply have to keep the ball in the fairway.

Pro shop is small and limited, but they have a nice little driving range next to the parking lot, and they have a decent little grille area at the turn where they make excellent hot dogs.  Can't tell you about the rest of the food since I always get the hot dogs.  No alcohol sold on this course so the best I can say is to sneak a few in your bag...or if you take a cart you can probably hide a small cooler.  I still play this course whenever I can.

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