Royal Oaks Golf Resort

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Nine holes.  Most are par 3. No reservations needed.  No dress code.  BYO.  Share your clubs with your friends.  Two people and a golf cart for just $23 on the weekend and less during the week!!!!!!! The countryside is beautiful here.  We enjoy the drive here a lot.  There is also a campground here.  If you want a fancy perfect manicured golf course go elsewhere.  REMEMBER....TWO PEOPLE AND A GOLF CART FOR JUST OVER $20 ISN'T GETTING YOU A TICKET TO A PGA COURSE!!! It is very secluded and picturesque here, and the owners are a very friendly older retired couple that work hard to keep the area up.  Just to give you an idea of how unpretentious this course feels,  they have a bunch of old used golf clubs for sale in the office for just $2.00 a club! This is our favorite and best priced golf course in central Wisconsin.

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