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I've been to the Royal Mayfair Golf Club two years in a row for a Christmas party and I must say, I've been very impressed two years in a row!

Though I'm not much of a golfer (does mini-golf count?), so I can't comment on the course or conditions, the clubhouse is quite nice and I've always had a great evening and meal here!

I was here just last night and left happy and full. The wine (and I can't remember what it was called for the life of me - though I'll be sure to update the review if I do) was one of the most enjoyable reds I've had in ages. We mingled over wine at cocktail hour between 6 and 7, then settled in for our meal.

The set-up was buffet style. The line-up can get a bit long, but personally I love buffet! I'm on a healthy-eating kick, so I was able to load up my place with salad and veggies and salmon, skipping the gravy and dinner rolls. And the best part? Everything is *super* tasty. You won't find anything very exotic here - it's the standard caesar, spinach salad, turkey, mashed potatoes - but it's all quite delicious.

The room was fairly good acoustics although they could have turned the microphone up a little bit. It's also much warmer in the area where the food trays are - I was a little chilly sitting near the window. It is quite nice to be in a room with windows, though!

Dessert is even better! OK, I know I said I'm on a healthy eating kick, but I just can't say no to cheesecake. Delicious!

I hope the organization continues to hold their Christmas parties here - it's an awesome choice!

One minor complaint: the doors to the room with tables was closed until about 6:45. It would have been nice to set my purse down at our table when we arrived.

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