Roy G Guerrero Golf Course

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Simply put... one of the most ecological and innovative courses in Texas.

*Disclaimer* ~I was personally involved in helping get this course built, but the accolades are all honest. So go see for yourself to prove me wrong.  ;o)~

 It took nearly one year to complete and it was well worth the wait. The opening of the newest and most innovative disc golf course within a city park of Austin, Texas ended the nearly 20 year drought of not having a new course built in a city owned park.

The disc golf course is located just east of downtown Austin and south of the popular Lady Bird Lake. It resides in an area that is known for softball fields, sand volleyball courts, bicycle trails and jogging paths. The course was built over the time of one year and easily integrated with all of the active amenities, parking areas, local facilities, and it assured connections with the trails and paths for local residents and those in the collegiate housing that is also near to the area.

The Roy G. Guerrero Disc Golf Course encompasses a playing area that is over 2 miles long, filled with 18 baskets, and mostly contains dual tee pads to accommodate both Pros and Amateurs alike. So bring your water and your energy to train on a great course while improving your game.

PROS for the Course:
- defined fairways and solitude of play: no worries about getting hit by a stray disc
- concrete tee pads with paver stone edges: provides stability and greatly reduces erosion issues
- all materials from the site were used/recycled on the site for mulching and rock walking paths
- water runoff/drainage was addressed to prevent unneeded erosion issues (hence, rock walls and barriers)
- each basket has a 4ft x 1in rubber composite pad that prevents dig outs from when you remove your disc from the basket, pivot, and walk away
- shade and lots of it
- double helix flight paths for the fairways to accommodate left/right handed players
- accessibility: trails to/thru the course connecting from bus stops/bike paths/collegiate housing give access to many people
- brings great usage to an under served area and uses the land very well

CONS (if you needed some)
- limited water source/toilet facilities in the area now that the park WILL be popular
- need a large trash receptacle in the parking lot to accommodate the people who cannot keep trash in their car

- you don't have to play to see the beauty, walk the course and look for the deer and wildlife
- there are NO TRASH CANS on the course. This was intentional because the PARD has limited resources to send employees there, also, this was ruin the serenity of the course having containers sticking out like sore thumbs. Plus, the traffic needed to empty these cans would place an undue hardship on the course, by default, making roads across the landscape and defeating the purpose.
*If you can bring it in, why not BRING IT OUT!*

 Overall, TOP NOTCH, GREAT COURSE. Bring your Big Technical Arm for a Risk vs Reward system that will pay off with great benefits.

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