Rose Creek Golf Course

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Food was Not Good, Service was Terrible, Great View of Scenery

OK, I've been hearing about this place being great for brunch or after church lunch.  (I think that some people are starting to have wedding receptions out there  So, after all of the raving (from the upscale snoots) I decided to try it out.  We showed up at 12ish on a Sunday, 8 of us, and we were seated promptly and politely.

This is an upscale Golf & Country Club - so, you're basically eating inside of the club-house at a Golf Course.  I'm not sure why this is being made out by people from around the area as a great place to have brunch.  Let's be honest, it is what it is... a restaurant inside of the club-house.


Terrible.  It might be good to mention here, that there were only 3 tables to serve at the time, it wasn't busy at all.  The waitress came and took our drink orders, and took her time getting them.  I ordered a "regular tea unsweet", I got a "sweet tea".  I flagged her over, and quietly pointed it out.  And, she gladly brought me a regular tea, but she left the "sweet tea" there, didn't take it away (should that bother me?).  

Needless to say, we ordered our food, but very rarely saw the waitress.  Things we asked for such as misc. condiments, napkins, and refills were completely ignored after we had to flag her down to get any attention at all.  I did not get one single refill on my long empty tea until after the meal was over & my plate had been taken away (some other waitress brought it).  I still sat and drank it because I was thirsty!


The Reuben
-- It was OK, Jason's Deli blows it away, but it was OK.  It was a "thin" regular white bread sized sandwich, (very) lightly toasted, with 3 or 4 layers of thinly sliced corn beef (flat not folded), crout and dressing.

Fried Pickles
- these were definitely homemade, and zesty whole pickle spears, but they were "very" oily, the breading was the consistency of what you'd see deep fat fried in a cheap Chinese fast food place.

Waffles & Bacon
- the Waffles were good, but the Bacon was all over the place - parts of it burnt, others almost raw.

Toast, Scrambled Eggs, Sausage Patties
- Scrambled Eggs were cooked like Mickey D's where they just pour out a bowl of eggs onto a grill, wait for it to cook, then fold it up and serve (they looked bad), Toast was very lightly toasted (might as well been buttered bread), and 2 sausage patties undercooked.  Both nieces ordered this and didn't eat it.

* Final Comments - again, this is a Golf Course, so let's quit trying to class the place up so much that we forget why we are supposed to be there in the first place.  Go there, Play Golf, Eat Lunch - Go home.  It's a Golf Course, not Mickey Mantle (just my 2 cents).

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We attended a wedding at the country club. It was catered and served by the resident staff. Great food and impeccable service. Their pork loin and smoked turkey breast was incredible. The bar is nice and well stocked. It was a very nice experience.

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