Rolling Hills Country Club

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This review is about the restaurant and NOT the golf course. The restaurant is beautifully decorated right now for the holidays. In addition, it has a spectacular view of the golf course.

Considering its a country club, I was expecting so much more with the food. I attended a holiday event here and the menu was fixed. Everyone received the same meal: rice pilaf, fresh fruit and... two mysterious rolls. I took a fork to my mouth and could not tell what we were having besides bits of chicken. I thought the "rolls" might be enchiladas but they certainly didn't taste like enchiladas and was told by staff they were "chicken crepes." The rice pilaf was great but the crepes..not so much.  :/ Dessert was a chocolate molten lava cake with fresh fruit.

All the seats had a glass of water with ice at the tables. We were never offered anything to drink. It seemed like a challenge for those of us that asked for coffee. Also felt the wait staff was pushy with getting us out by taking away plates...

I don't know that I'll ever have the opportunity to dine here again but....

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I mean, come on, it's a country club ;) everyone here is SO friendly and they know my mom by name. I always feel welcomed. I usually just come for lunch/brunch but I'll occasionally hit balls and I've played the course maybe once. The food is good, lots of options. The course is beautiful to look at even just while eating or watching other people at the range. I came for Easter and they had animals! So cute. Again, everyone is so friendly! I can't get over it haha.

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i have been here a few times and the one thing i came away with is -- the whole place is full of stuck up self centered snobs !!!!

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I have been a member at RHCC for some time, loads of great golf memories!

The golf course is always well maintained, and a blast to play.  Not a super long course, instead, it requires accuracy.  Some great signature holes which capture the beauty of Palos Verdes.  You will see a fair amount of wild life, with the constant yelps of peacocks in the background.

The clubhouse/kitchen are all well run.  Depending on the time of the month, and night, it can get busy.  The membership has a decent balance between long timers and new members.  Having young kids in the restaurant is not a problem, although they will easily get bored, the country club atmosphere is certainly not exciting for kids.

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We were invited to celebrate a very close friend's parents, 50th wedding anniversary.  What a pleasure the evening was..The band was great, the photobooth a hit and the entire staff of the Rolling Hills Country Club were outstanding...Food and drinks great!

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