Rocky Point Golf Course

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Rocky Point is a nice well kept course. The holes are laid out well and always in good shape. I wouldn't play it on weekends it tends to get crowded with lots of hackers and slow play. The price is fair on weekdays for seniors $34 with cart. Back nine has about 4 holes with a great view of the bay.

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I agree with James N.. The old guys at Rocky Point are some of the most rude and nasty people I have ever had the misfortune of meeting, whether its the proshop, the starters, or god forbid the knuckleheads driving the ranger carts.

You are better off playing Pine Ridge, or Mt. Pleasant, both excellent places to play a round and very courteous and friendly.

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I've played Rocky Point a few times, and I can never remember why I come back.

Besides the few holes (#10-11, 15) that are actually running along the Back Neck River, the course is boring and repetitive. It always seems to be kept in decent shape, despite the level of heat in the Baltimore area during the summer, which is good because you will be there for awhile. Rocky Point is a favorite amongst locals, and it doesn't hurt that a good percentage of the players are seniors or walkers, as it is a very walkable course. This all adds up to long rounds of golf, especially on the weekends when all of the hackers are playing.

However, I can deal with slow play or waiting on the tee for the previous group to tee off. What I can't stand about this course is that it is simply boring. A previous reviewer said, "for the most part the holes are simple, hit is hard and straight." Not only are they simple, they all play the same way, you'll have the feeling of deja vu playing some of the holes thinking, "haven't I played this one already?" Holes 8 and 17 play parallel to one another and feel like the same hole. Holes 9 and 18 play parallel to one another too and look/feel the same. There just isn't enough variety to make playing this course fun. Holes 10-13, 15 are most interesting, but those alone aren't enough to make me want to come back.

Speaking of playing parallel, pretty much every hole has at least another hole playing along side of it. Meaning you will have people from all over the course playing out of your fairway, or maybe you will spend most of your day yelling "Fore!" as your ball slices into the adjacent fairway.

It's a short course, it isn't too difficult and worst of all, it isn't very memorable either.

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Rocky Point is a delightful golf course...    Beautiful setting.  The back nine is particularly picturesque and offers some real challenges (holes 10, 15, 17), and some fun ones  (holes 11 & 12).  The price is right, especially if you have the Advantage card.  It can play slowly, but the marshalls are out there making a difference.  Fun stuff, great muni.

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I've played here a few times - pros: it's in good condition and a pretty course for the price. The back 9 is very nice.  Front 9 is pretty boring and not challenging.  cons: staff.  If you're under the age of 35 or so, be prepared to be chastised by some of the older staff.  I don't know if they are bitter old men, but I've never been talked to in such a way on a golf course.  Some customer service training would make this a great course to play.

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