Rockford Park District

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The course itself was very nice. The employees were not. Tuesday afternoon at 4 pm. We played 9 holes with a golf cart. The cashier gruffly told us to play quickly because he doesn't get to go home until the last cart is returned. Then, as we were loading our clubs on the cart, he was leaning out the cashier window yelling at us to hurry. After teeing off, we realized we were behind a foursome that was on foot. They were very slow, which did not bother us at all (it's about having fun after all, not how fast you can go), but to be heckled by the cashier/starter when he knew full well what was in front of us seemed grumpy for grumpy's sake. At the end of our round, the same guy walked out halfway down the 9th fairway to take our cart. He was more pleasant at this point, probably because it was closer to quitting time, but still. I don't care how nice a course is, if the employees make my time there unenjoyable, then I'll not return.

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