Rockdale Country Club

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I had to give it a star, or I couldn't finish posting my review, by the way...

The "good":  Low traffic, cheap fees, $1.00 water, easy course if you need it.. and ummm.. cheap fees?

The Bad:  The course, the d-bag local members, the "snacks", the "facilities".. I could go on..and on.. and on... but I will not.
The reason I stop with these basic observations is because you will probably never be here or consider playing here.  My friend and I meet here because it's between College Station and Austin and it does have golf holes.

The members are really the reason I don't like this place, because I do not have unrealistic expectations of a muni in Rockdale.  We've had multiple "locals" run-ins over the years of meeting here, including balls being stolen, old codgers talking trash(escaping with their lives, mind you) a full intervention given to us about golf etiquette in Rockdale, some racial slurs (we are Caucasian) and general IQ-less banter the pot-bellied rednecks dished out.

The course is a trainwreck when dry and an under nourished weed garden when not.  

My guess about the snacks forplace is that the "members"  just pack bologna sammiches and Olympia Dry in their lunchboxes and go "play em some golf.. YEEHAW!!"

I laugh about this place, but I go 4 times per year, so it's obviously not dangerous or TOXIC..
... just watch out for locals, wild hog traps and expired Twinkies and you'll be fine.

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