Rock Creek Park Golf Course

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This golf course is in a relatively convenient location, and it's pretty cheap to golf here.  However, the course was in a rough condition when I visited.  

The poor course condition wasn't caused by some intermittent source, such as a spout of bad weather.  Rather, the problem with Rock Creek Park Golf Course stems from several inherent flaws.  First, the ground is rock hard.  If you hit an iron from the fairway, expect an unpleasant jarring vibration when your club face makes contact with the ground.  

Second, the greens are seriously lacking in quality.  The grass is neither cut at the correct height nor dense enough to serve as a putting green.  I'm not sure what kind of grass they use, but it doesn't appear to be bent grass or bluegrass (or, if it is, it wasn't cultivated correctly).

Last, the back nine is tucked into a heavily forested area.  This makes for a serene golf setting, but the lack of sunlight makes the course extremely soggy for weeks after a rain.  

I hate to write such a harsh review, but I have played on several public courses, and this course takes the unenviable distinction of being the worst I've seen.

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I am a little at odds with myself on which direction to go with this review so I guess I just split it.

The Good:
This course is a full 18 holes in the city. It is very easy to get to from central NW since it is right off of 16th street. It only costs $25 for 18 and there are some pretty cool, challenging holes. This is a great course if you are looking to not take yourself seriously and have more of a practice round.

The Bad:
The course is not very well maintained. The fairway is rough and the rough is ruffffffff. Be prepared to lose a lot of balls. Because the fairway is long, even a good shot can be hard to find. The only thing that kept me from going through all the balls in my bag is I found so many. It was obvious balls are hard to see/find on this course cause I would constantly step on them in the fairway and realize no one else was anywhere near me so someone previously must have lost it. Also the course is relatively hilly (which at times is cool) so spotting where your ball went became even more difficult. Because of this and the hazards everywhere I don't think I could ever put money on a round with my friends here.

Another agitating characteristic of this course is the hole lengths. I felt like every par 3 was 180-200 yards, which for most casual players (who would be the only people to go to a course like this) is a very awkward distance. There also isn't any par 5s, which at least makes you feel better about your score since I believe par for the course is 66.

I will probably come back to this course some time when I really don't care about the round I am playing, but most of the time I am going to drive the extra ten minutes and $10 to play at Langston.

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Cheap yes. Terrible golf yes as well.  This course has hard fairways and the slowest greens I have ever played on.  And it has tons of long par 3s, short par 4s, and I can't remember any par 5s.  Some of the greens are also sloped so much it's hard to putt out.  Almost always in terrible shape too.  But it is in a great location and is super cheap.

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This has to be one of washington's best kept secrets. 18 holes in the heart of the city, who knew. Cost is low, the people are nice, it's a good deal. Try it.

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