Riverway Golf Course Clubhouse

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Geez I'm surprised no one reviewed this golf course before me!  People have wrote about the Riverway Golf Course Clubhouse, but not about the golf course itself!  

Ok...  here we go....  I would say without a doubt Riverway Golf Course is the Best public golf course in the city of Burnaby!  I've played here often and I have always enjoyed this course.  It offers some very scenic and challenging holes!  With the backdrop of the North Shore mountains  this golf course offers heavy think brush, trees, and water to contend with!  

What I find most challenging is the angles that the golf course demands of the golfer.  Sometimes you are standing over your ball looking at a 150 yard shot over water wondering if the angle is right!  A few degrees off and your ball will be in the drink!  

This golf course is not a park!  It's not driver driver and only driver...  Sometimes you have to pull out a 3 wood or a long iron on a par 4.  If you love golf, and you have never tried it I would recommend giving Riverway Golf Course a try.  I'm confident that you'll enjoy this golf course!

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Although I was a bit put off by the negative reviews on here, since my uncle invited us to their buffet brunch I decided to see what it was all about. First off it's a beautiful venue, and the seating area was open and airy. Brunch is by reservation only, which I think was a great idea as the restaurant is able to control how busy the buffet line and seating will be. It was perfect as there was never a constantly long line.

The food while nothing spectacular, was interesting and there was no particular dish that needed improvement. The star of the brunch was the roast beef! The chef cooks the beef himself and carves it perfectly for everyone. Moist and tender, my dad went back for thirds! Other food options they had that day (I'm not sure if it's the same every week) included fried cauliflower, cannelloni, salmon, butter chicken, chicken thigh, scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, waffles, eggs benedict, creamy tomato soup, various salads, and a dessert bar that had tiramisu cake, chocolate mousse cake, and various fruits and dessert bars.

The service was limited but our server would come around every so often to refill waters and clear plates. I didn't find it as horrible as other reviewers have described it but perhaps the quality of service for a regular dinner/lunch service is different from the buffet lunch I had.

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Beautiful course setting.  Lots of spots for driving range (although still popular and full - arrive early or wait!).

This course comes highly recommended by a few people I know.  I need to experience the club house next time.

Small parking lots, however.

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Food pretty good... service..abysmal! Dont go for lunch if you are in a rush.. we waited over 40 mins for a burger and a salad...in the end, the salad didnt show up as the waitress was apparently unable to use a pen and tried to remember everything. ....so I had a salmon burger instead of my salmon salad!!
Upside..the burger was good! Oh and avoid the fries... limp greasy salty things!

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Came here for dineout.  Good food, dessert buffet table and a little bit of live music created a nice atmosphere.  Service was slow and not friendly.  I put it down to inexperience.

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