Riverside Golf & Country Club

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Went to a holiday party for work.. Had low expectations because, let's face it.. Holiday party. Food was fantastic, perfectly done bacon wrapped tenderloin. Everything was the right temp, weird for a party so had to write a five star review.. We went to Jake's Grill the night before so could have been disappointed, but were not at all. My suggestion as a someone who eats out a lot.. Wonderful! Highly recommend.

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We decided to have our wedding reception here based on past experiences at Riverside.  When we initially met to discuss details, Richard the GM was still there, who was wonderful. When we met closer to the wedding they had apparently gotten rid of Richard and I had to meet with Kevin Peck, terrible.  He had us sit in a room with windows so he could keep a look out for perspective members.  He gave me a bad feeling and that feeling was confirmed when the actual reception came. Kevin was never available when we needed him and getting a hold of him was only possible via email.  Overall he promised us one thing, but we got something very different.

We had purchased 30 bottles of wine from Costco as backup, and they decided to open those first instead of the 28 bottles purchased from Riverside.  Staff was rude and not attentive.  We had a large amount of left-overs that seemed to disappear in the kitchen and we never got to take those, although we had been promised we would.  The remnant of our wedding cake was crammed into a box so that when we opened it all there was were crumbs. Just a couple of things, I won't bother with the others.

Riverside is such a beautiful club and it is sad to see they have put people like Kevin Peck into upper management.  We miss Richard!

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My family has been members of Riverside for several years and it has long been a favorite summer hang-out spot.  So much so that when the time came, we decided that was the place for my wedding reception.  The clubhouse is filled with rich woodwork and chandeliers but not over-the-top and pretentious.  The staff is super helpful and never hard to find.  As far as golf goes, the course is challenging, open, and a lot of fun to play.  The only cons to mention are the penitentiary next door which you can hear the inmates working out in the courtyard from the 3rd and 13th holes (Confession Time: my brother would "accidentally" slice off the 3rd hole hoping to get some reactionary yells from the inmates.  Funny but not something I would partake in or officially approve of) and the other con being the close proximity to the airport... inevitably you tee up and precisely during your back swing, a 737 takes off and causes you hook the ball into the water hazard... I hate when that happens!

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