River Pointe Golf Club At Richmond

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My husband and his friend took our son, who is an amazing golf player for 6 year old, to this golf course this morning. The guy working there was a complete RUDE JERK!!! He would not let our son play and told them he would just have to ride in the cart. He was very rude about it too!!! My husband had already called beforehand and explained that there would be 3 people, including a 6 yr old, to play the course and was told there would be no problem, but then they were forced to pair up and totally disregard our son. My son was very upset, practically in tears. He was looking forward to playing All week. The man could've offered some kind of alternative, or another time to return so they could play, but he didn't. They left, and in the car my son, Ryan, said he never wants to go back there again!  Believe me THEY WON'T!!!!! They only went there because their prices were low. I guess their manners are just as low!!!

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A little far out of Houston, but a good challenging course with plenty of vegetation and hazards.  The greens were more difficult than some to read.  The holes are spaced well enough that you never fear getting hit by a ball from a neighboring hole.  

Disappointed they are not on GolfNow, but a simple phone call reserved a Saturday tee time without any issues.

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River Pointe is a quiet course nestled in a quiet part of Richmond, TX, you practically drive far enough down a quiet road thinking you've passed the course and just as you're ready to make a U-turn, you make the Uey at this unassuming entrance that's takes you past whispering oak trees toward the southern style clubhouse.

A pretty course with lush greens and a couple challenges along the way, it's so quiet the gators providing an audience to your every swing regularly outnumber your twosome, even early Saturday mornings. And sometimes we wish that big snake in the out of bounds bushes would make a sound amid the occasional ball swooshing and club pinging just as a gentle reminder - that ball you're trying to save is really not worth the hassle.

It's baffling, it really is - how a course that's this well kept does not get crowded at all.

Did I say this was a really quiet course? Please keep it hush hush. We like it like that. Shhh..

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Secluded golf course, parked between Gone with the Wind style southern mansions and a US Army testing facility.

And it's a pretty good course, especially when yours truly started golf here. The Lopez bro's did a great job setting this course up and the experience is a pleasant one for the most part.

From the intimidating military trespassing sign engulfed par 3(#4) to the Bomb and Gauge #10, this a fun course with plenty of gators and snakes just chilling along the way. There's even a links style par 4 with land mines like grass bunkers to ruing your day!


Nice greens.
Beautiful scenery.
Lots of variety of holes/danger.
Tons of wild life.

Down side:
Staff is rude all the times I've been here(The owner and the daughter in the restaurant)
Dusty at times.

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