River Oaks Municipal Golf Course of Cottage Grove

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One of the best courses I've played in the cities. It's a hike from Mpls, but it was well worth the drive. $30 green fees made it the best value I've had in a while. Course was well maintained with a good balance of trees, bunkers, etc. Biggest drawback is the highway noise. A few of the holes play alongside Hwy 61. The pace was slow; not sure if that's a trend. The cheeseburger and fries were above average for a clubhouse. I will be back at River Oaks soon!

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Nice course in a convenient location. Pricing is reasonable, the course is scenic and staff is nice. Pace of play can be trying, at times, but anything beyond 4 hrs is slow to me.

I will say that while the grill/bar has lunch available, a  recent visit made me decide to go elsewhere after the round. The one person staff had a very difficult time waiting on people trying to purchase beverages while trying to also prepare food in the back kitchen. He was clearly overwhelmed and had quite a few people waiting for ten minutes to simply buy a coke, beer or candy bar.

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This is one of my favorite public courses in the Twin Cities.  While it is a hike to Cottage Grove, it is one of those rare public courses where there are mature trees, top-notch greens, decent layout with views of the river, nice homes, woodlands, and water.  While not overly long, shot placement makes a big difference.  Plus, I holed in from 110 yards on lucky #13!!!!

Also - play moves along - we've played twice and have gotten in under 4 hours and under 4.5 hours.

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