River Creek Country Club

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My husband and I chose River Creek as our wedding venue (we're not residents or members of the club), and were very happy! The ballroom is beautiful and recently renovated overlooking the Potomac! The River Creek events coordinators were wonderful to work with, and helped with some last-minute coordination with our vendors. Also, the food at River Creek is FABULOUS!

My only con: our ceremony was held on the verandah overlooking the beautiful Potomac River (check out my photos!), but below the Verandah River Creek club members were dining on the patio, and the sounds and chatter was very noticeable during the ceremony.

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Absolute horrible customer service ever- super super slow service. I don't know how it takes 30 min for eggs. For fancy clubhouse your expectations are high.  

On Sunday brunch's they have buffet, but it's so obvious they don't want to re-stock the buffet that every item looks like it was picked over by vultures. And only until they can see the entire bottom of the serving dish do they huff and puff and go get another tray.  They only keep like 5 plates out for the buffet at a time. I don't understand the thought process behind this. The two times I went back to the buffet I had to wait for plates.  Like 10 minutes - remember my super slow service comment!   And the kicker. It's super expensive.   Never again

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Enjoyed the hospitality curtesy of Member Rob. Nice venue.

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I am not a resident/member of River Creek Country club, but planning my wedding, this place was the second venue I've looked at. I've been hooked ever since. They gladly will allow non-members to book events at this venue, and they are super flexible and helpful.

Allie in event planning is very helpful and professional. She showed us the entire venue, gave us ideas as to what to do, and offers as much flexibility as you can imagine. Other places I looked at were not as warm and welcoming, and were not nearly as flexible. She even had the receptionist take us for a ride on a golf cart to view the property to see where we can take wedding pictures.

As for the property itself, it's very beautifully designed. The huge veranda on the back overlooks the golf course and there is a spectacular view of the Potomac River. The surrounding neighborhood is gorgeous-- lots of beautiful houses and town homes and very upscale. I cannot wait to get married here!

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