Ritz-Carlton Golf Club & Spa

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Hands down the best service I've ever encountered at a hotel - ever!  The concierge led us to our rental home and took about 25 minutes with us explaining all the features, the ins and outs, set up our bags in each room and even turned on the spa for us!  Making small talk we realized our home towns were not too far from each other and that we both enjoy beer...they brought over 2 buckets of beer on the house for us to enjoy!

All the employees make sure that your stay here is second to none, its very impressive.  While we were here, the fridge actually broke in the middle of the night.  The next morning someone came over, inventoried our groceries and went and bought us replacements and even a few extra treats.  Really impressive service!

And of course the actual vacation homes and facilities are top notch.  Our home was beautiful, they didn't skimp on anything and it just felt so luxurious from the bedding, to the kitchen equipment to even the dinner plates, everything was so great!  The best feature of course is the screened in porch that has an outdoor kitchen and giant spa...a girl could get used to that!

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If you're thinking of going here to relax at the spa, pool or dine for lunch... don't. You won't get in unless you're a member or staying on property at a rented house. This is unlike any Ritz hotel is a Club for Ritz members only. Anyways, there are two separate sides and memberships... Spa and Golf. The Spa is wonderful, private and relaxing. There is a boutique that sells hats, sandals, fragrances, sun dresses and body products. The gym is the perfect size, never getting too busy and offers free Ritz water, tea, and little healthy snacks (fruits and nuts). Not having walked in the men's spa I can only comment on the women's section. It's wonderfully relaxing, clean, private, and sanctuary like. The pool area is ok. I like to lunch their often. Very small and island like bar/lunch area. Grace is the best and has been there forever. On Sundays they offer a little lunch buffet. They make great smoothies. I usually enjoy their hummus platter, mahi wrap, or one of their light and generously sized salads.

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