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I was recently invited as a guest to Richland Country Club for lunch and a round of golf.  I can't express the level of professionalism and attentiveness of the bag/cart guys.  I've golfed all over this great nation, and they rank right up there with a few resort courses, Robert Trent Jones golf trail workers, and Sawgrass.  Job well done guys.

Lunch was amazing and the wait staff was courteous and personable.  They introduced themselves and had you feeling like you were a regular there in no time at all.  Something I liked that others may not was the time between placing an order and the foods arrival.  It took about 30 minutes which is probably longer than normal, but as a guest, I enjoyed the extra time for interaction.

The golf course was astounding, and I got to play with the course pro himself.  Jack Nicklaus signature course with Jack's hand on it all.  And it is apparent.  Risk/reward at its best.  

Over the course of the 7 hours I was there, I was personally introduced to probably 30 other members, and each one of them was courteous and personable.  I can't put into words how wonderful my experience was.  This is an amazing, world class organization.  If you get an invite to accompany a member, do yourself a favor and go!

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The quintessential southern country club.  The location alone deserves 5-stars. Nestled in the green hills of middle Tennessee on one of Nashville premiere streets, you find exactly what you'd expect.  Class.  Respect.  Quality.

Keep your eyes open.  You never know who you'll run into here.  Always some famous person walking around.

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I should preface this review with the fact that I am not a member of this country club. My friends from college who live in town are members, and invited my husband and I to join them for dinner. I was excited to try the place - and get dressed up.

The dining room we were in was very nicely decorated. It felt like a clubhouse, with nice hardwood floors and hardwood beams all over. I especially liked the fireplace there for added ambiance. We, of course, were in the less formal room because we were not dressed to the nines.

The service was great. The server greeted us upon sitting at the table and asked for our drink order right away. I loved how attentive he was! And he was present throughout the meal but without harassing us.

The food was good. My husband ordered the Elk and said it was awesome. He ordered the sliders for an app and the bread pudding for dessert. He was overall super pleased with his meal. I only had an entree and I ordered the filet. The flavor was just okay, and it was pretty tough for a filet. A good filet should be super easy to cut through and I needed a little elbow grease to get through this one. But it was fine. I would probably order it again.

Overall, I'd be happy to join my friends here again for dinner. Especially because the chef can cook gluten free!!! Next up? The shrimp and grits.

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"Why, Buffy, did you see the look of that plebeian's face?"
"Why, no Chaz, I don't even know what a plebeian is..."

Alright, let's face it.  I'm never going to join a Country Club.  And, for the most part, I generally find Country Club folks to be a bit uppity and full of douchebaggery.

But, our friends who are members who invited us to dinner at Richland Country Club are not that way.  They are very nice and well-meaning folks.  So, the country club was very nice on the inside with hardwood floors and multiple dining areas:  apparently one is a coat + tie / cocktail dress only kind of room, another is a sports outfit + kids room, and the one in which we dined was an in-between (nice pants + collared shirt, but no tie or jacket needed).  The dining room itself was very elegant and nice with a very high ceiling and elegant fireplace.  

Our server was impeccable (it is, afterall a country club) and had the right amount of visibility at our table without overwhelming us.

The food was delightful.  I had elk... yeap, you read that correctly:  elk.  (Rich people eat well, apparently...) in some kind of red wine reduction with a side of potato cake something-or-others (yeah... I'm not fancy pants enough to know.. sue me).  They were really good too.  I had a bread pudding for dessert that was also excellent.  Really, the only underwhelming part of the meal was the appetizer which was supposed to be filet sliders.  But the meat was definitely not filet mignon on those sliders.  And the bread buns used were kinda subpar given we were at a fancy schmancy country club... they were like what you buy at Kroger.

The people were all friendly and the golf course looked nice (no Buffy and Chaz, I don't want to play a round... but I'd love to watch Bill Murray trying to kill the gopher...)

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