Redstone Golf Club

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Formerly the Red Stone golf course(Site of Shell Houston Open), now taken over by new management and re-badged as Golf Club of Houston.

Simply put, it's a Houston Golf Bucket List item, that is expensive and not all that memorable. But you will be the envy of all your friends. There are a lot of things this club has going for it, price is just not one of them!

Tournament Par 72- 7422 yd. Slope 138 Index 75.8
Championship Par 7-2 6967 yd. Slope 132 Index 73.5
Club Par 7- 6569 yd. Slope 125 Index 71.4
Regular Par 72- 5926 yd. Slope 117 Index 68
Forward Par 72- 5371 yd. Slope 115 Index 70.1

Being 2 weeks from the PGA event of Shell Houston, the course is cluttered with the tents and concessions. Making it fun to get free relief on the perfect velvet carpet just for the heck of it. While it is a nicely manicured track,  a lot of items are just average, like the greens and the sand traps.

The really impressive part of this course is the lush velvet like grass that surrounds every green and fairways. Which makes the high soft shots a breeze to execute.

This is the first time I've ever played the Tournament Course due to the out outrageous price. Even with a steep discount from $200 to $125, It's not something I would likely repeat.

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Play the course in the afternoon to save money.  The members course is all brown this time of year.  I'd highly recommend playing the tournament course since it is well maintained and green.  Bring a lot of golf balls if your an average golfer.  You will need them!

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Never played here but visited for the Shell Open and was thoroughly impressed.  I look forward to playing the course soon!

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Only one of 11 public golf courses in states to host PGA Tour event. Course is in perfect shape, especially before the Shell Houston Open. Green fee is pricy along with forecaddie requirement. Expect to spend $225 for a round. Cart fee only replay is a special bonus to make it worth a better valued experience. Clubhouse restaurant staff friendly (Sadie). Highly recommend playing there at least once to enjoy near perfect golfing experience!

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Wow, we played this one again and it was even better than last time. I know for the price it should be in good shape, but it's just a beautifully maintained and constructed course. The teeboxes look better than most of the greens around town. When we arrived at the range several stands were low on balls, so the starter immediately disappeared and came back with extra bags for us. He let us know when we should start out based on the sunset time (which was exactly correct, since we finished just as the sun went behind the trees). We had no one either behind or ahead of us until 17, so no overcrowding issues that would be norm for cheaper courses on a Saturday afternoon.

It's really a fabulous course - and nice to know last time wasn't a one-off (as it was just after the open). The only downside is the cost, but it's not overpriced for the quality of the course.

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