Red Jacket Blue Rock Golf Resort

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I stayed here 8/9/13-8/11/13.  The price?  Pretty steep for a 2 night stay (I even had a $50 coupon from Travelocity...only to pay another $23 in "fees" upon checkout...really?! You have enough money from us!)

Our room was clean.  The bathroom was REALLY cramped, but whatever, it's a hotel.  If you're down at the Cape to go use the beaches, why do you need to stay in your room all day.

Breakfast was good, came out to only $17 for two of us.

I do like the fact that you can use the private beach at their sister properties, and they provide you with chairs & umbrellas.  The private beach is beautiful...til you get to the water -- I hope you like seaweed wrapping around your legs!!  

Didn't see any sharks on my stay, contrary to popular belief that there's a few great whites floating about.

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We've stayed at RJ Blue Rock for a number of years now.  The rooms are good, though the beds need replacing.  The restaurant is very good -- everything for breakfast and lunch are surprisingly good.  The staff throughout Blue Rock are great - the front desk, restaurant and pro shop are very friendly and helpful.  It's nice to go back every year and see them.  Great place to stay.

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The beds are super comfy and seem to be updated. The pool was sparkling clear and the golf course was well maintained. The staff was very friendly and I would definitely go back!

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We've been coming here for years to play golf at the resort. This is the best Par Three golf course on the East Coast bar none. The motel is basic, but clean and the grounds are beautiful. Very well planted and maintained. The flowers are worth the visit. The restaurant is excellent for breakfast and lunch. You can call in your order from the golf course. The staff is very long term, friendly and fun to be with. OK the beds are hard and the bathrooms are basic, although they do have a sink outside the bathroom so a couple can get ready with privacy. There are always plenty of towels and the maid service is excellent. Excellent place to get your short game in shape and they have a great reputation for golf lessons.

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I present to you the resort with the most uncomfortable beds in recorded existence. I've had better beds at a summer camp.

Each room comes with an outdoor patio, with the dirtiest patio furniture ever.

The lighting is awful. The bathroom showers are tiny and if you want to get the steam out, you can open a frosted glass window that is eye level with the main walkway for the building. On a related note, probably a great place for perverts and or voyeurs to check out.

It wasn't all bad, the grounds are beautiful and there is ample parking (even if some spaces are way too narrow) and the idea of the patio is nice, even if the furniture is never cleaned.

The golf course also looks nice, but I did not stay there for the golfing. You also have access to three other resorts on the coast (we didn't end up going to them as I got injured (not at the resort) and beach didn't seem like a good idea for me).

Also the pool was very clean and well maintained, though you have to deal with a lot of poorly supervised children doing unsafe things (you know like most pools at family hotels).

The bed is really the deal breaker though. Unless you plan to bring your own, stay somewhere else. Unless you like waking up every two hours in pain.

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