Red Hill Country Club

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we have been wanting to play here for ever and finally got our chance and it didn't disappoint. Ive played quite a few private courses and most don't courses are nothing special or not really as nice as a private course should be. the service is usually great at all of them as they  should be but the course was in great condition and a great layout. I will get another chance to play soon and I cant wait.

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Wonderful location with great views of the Inland Valley. Awesome service! Will definitely return.

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Member Here and love the place, food and staff are great, go a couple times a week to enjoy a drink and meal after work with friends, new club house and love the fire pit at night with the views of the city.

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Played in a tournament here, nice course, but not amazing!  They do a good job to keep the track in tip top shape.  I've played a lot of golf around CA and this course is a B.  Great views of the San Gabriel Mountains, but it can get REALLY hot during the summer.  

Not a fan of the driving range, you hit off a turf matt and you hit at elevation.  We had a banquet in the clubhouse which was worked by the head chef.  The accommodations and food were all very nice.

Golfing here is better than the best day at work, no doubt!

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Date Played 3/24/2012
Tees: Black

The practice range is limited and won't give you a feel for how far balls are flying because you're pounding balls off the side of a mountain.  The fence at the end of the range is only about 240, so you won't be able to get much practice with a driver.

The mats are also slightly worn (odd to see at a club; especially when everything else is neat and new).  

*Tip: if you're looking for serious range practice, hit a few balls on the course or practice elsewhere.

However, the practice green is fantastic.  The club lets you chip by the green.

*Tip: Spend plenty of time chipping and putting here before your round - these greens are fast! (a member told me they were running about 12 that day).  The rough was also longer and grabby than most other courses - reminded me of the rough when I played the Northern Trust Open Pro-AM. Also, aim to be below the hole on most holes.  Chipping downhill here is a nightmare!

The course wasn't long: 6582 yds from the black tees.  Except for the 18th hole, it felt like most holes were playing downhill - making the course feel shorter than on paper.

Not as many different types of hole layouts as I would have liked. Some holes had a large tree in play (which) kept approach shots to the right. (Interestingly, the trees in play for these approaches were usually on the left side of the green).

NOT a good course to walk: The holes seemed to crisscross  the property (signs to prove it).

The course was an absolute beauty to play and look at.  Very well maintained (and clean - especially for all the trees on the property).

All of the staff provided exceptional service (except for the bag boys - pretty apparent that they didn't want to be working there; I didn't trust them with my clubs).

*Tip: Course knowledge on the short par 4 #1 and the short par 3 #10 will help you score. (Both play steep downhill)

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