Ravinia Green Country Club

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Poor conditioned golf course. Food okay, not up to standard for a country club.

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I made the trek from the city to Ravinia Green Country Club this Sunday for a bridal shower.  I can't comment on the golf, tennis, or pretty much anything aside from the food. I did notice millions of children swarming around the place so guessing there's lots of kid friendly activities.  So this is what people do when they move to the burbs and pop out a few  kids??

It definitely was a good spot for a bridal shower or any other special occasion. We had cocktails/appetizers in the lobby and then moved into one of the smaller ballrooms for some food.  Like any good jewish bridal shower each person had a plate of lox and cream cheese waiting for them. I'm usually up for some smoked salmon, but something I had the day before wasn't quite agreeing with my stomach (oh wait, maybe it was all that wine!) so lox was the last thing I wanted to see. Soon we were brought to a buffet with an omelet guy, fruit, tuna, and an apple pancake that could rival the one at Walker Bros. I had a taste of everything (so much for that stomach ache) and everything was delicious- especially the apple pancake!

I was stuffed to the max, but soon had a dessert plate in front of me- chocolate covered strawberry (mmm), a lemon bar, and i believe some sort of chocolate cake. I had a taste of each and those were just ok- if i had room for any dessert I'd rather have more apple pancake!

The set-up of the room was great. They set all the presents up on a long table and I noticed they brought them all to the bride's car after so their fam didn't need to worry about it. It was obvious that they do a lot of bridal showers (actually i think a few girls at the shower had even had their showers there), but I can see why. The food is good and they make life easy- can't beat that!

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Played here a long time ago. I think I had enough.

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