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I'll start off by saying this rating is in comparison to other military bases more than it is in comparison to the private country clubs. That said I have to say, at least to me, this course isn't to far off from some top level courses in America.  I've played Pine Hurst a couple of times and other top courses from GA, FL to CA including the near perfect weather of San Diego and San Luis Obispo for a wounded warrior tournaments or as a guest of a club member...and...although this isn't a B-2 Air Base this course is the bomb.

Location: The golf course can be a little difficult to find coming in from the Main Gate but from the South Gate (open weekdays from 0600-1800) it's right around the corner only a few minutes away.

Driving - This range is clearly marked with poles every 50 yards, which I prefer to the flags. However, for those who like the simulated greens with flags they have those too. Cost is $3.00, cash not tokens so bring $1.00 bills if you got them, per bucket of 30 balls. However the best deal is to buy a key fob for the dispenser for $60.00 as it will give you $90.00 worth of balls. I didn't know that when I came but it would've cost me the same over the long weekend with plenty more balls to get my game in shape before heading off on the fairway.
Sand / Chipping - The practice sand and chipping green lay next to the driving range. I also found this area it quite good with solid greens and good well groomed sand.
Putting - The putting areas are outstanding. Well groomed greens the same quality as the greens out on the course.

The Course: I love these fairways. They're extremely well groomed with top quality grass. I also like how the fairway isn't one consistently long run to the hole. Depending on the hole your at it can stop soon after the ladies tee and open back up as it nears the green. The sides of fairways like the apron have longer and grass that's a bit more wild slowing down and shortening ground drives but don't get me wrong these areas are still extremely well cared for.

The Greens: Nearly perfect. Great grass without any signs of fungus or damage from excessive play. I found the roll to be a medium speed, depending on the moisture on the ground. Although the greens are large most have a good single if not multiple slope to them. I also can't recall to many of them that weren't surrounded by sand traps. That said if you got a straight shot from the fairway and can keep it off the ground you've got a pretty good shot on avoiding most of the trouble.

Water: Despite having some large areas of water that parallel some of the greens there were only two across the water shots, which I loved because it kept my arch nemesis (across the water shots) from ruining my game. These are on the front 9, holes 4 and 5, but be careful! The water isn't off the Tee but encompasses the hole.  

Clubhouse: The place looks nice and is well kept. Although I didn't try to food it did look better than most I've seen in public and some private clubhouses. The Pro-Shop is top-notch as are the rental clubs. Since I didn't travel with mine on this trip I took full advantage of the Boozka Clubs.
Outside  directly behind the clubhouse and between the putting greens is a moderate to large gazebo with lounge chairs as well as the typical lawn furniture...making it a perfect place for a post game drink, weather permitting of course.

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"The Price is Right"!!! Went to this course because FSH was packed, and for a very reasonable price ($5.00), I was able to get 9 Holes done! The guy in front desk was polite and very matter of fact. I think it was because they finished a big tournament. Never the less, please do come out and get your golf on, you'll be glad you did!

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