Rancho Vistoso Golf Club

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This course is WAY overpriced for the area. We were there in May. When most other courses had started their summer rates this course was still the most expensive. They convinced us to try it with a Golf/Cart/Lunch/Draft Beer special. Their pro club was out of hats, gloves, and tees. They said it was because the summer is their slow months.
This is very much a target course, although they do not suggest to us to invest in the yardage books. There is no help on the tee markers. You can never find your yardage, nor do you know when you should lay up. At the turn we were informed we were 10 minutes behind schedule, even though there was absolutely no one in front or behind us golfing. They have no information on the score cards as to where the bathrooms are nor did they have water on the course to drink. They had no drink cart. When we finish the round and are looking forward to a cold beer, we are told that our special must be draft beer and the only draft beer they have is apple cider beer. WHAT?????  You will be much happier going two more miles and enjoying The Views golf course for half the price. I would not waste my money on this course.

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